Two Days On

SWMBO got (nicely) embarrassed by me writing about us being married for 28 years plus two. Dunno why, must be a ‘girlie’ thing.

Only the fun hasn’t stopped for this week and she’ll totally flip at this post as today she ceases to be my younger woman and once again we are the same age.

Happy Birthday Luv!

(You can thump me later)


To the gun shop!

An Aladdin cave it is too.
I went to pick up some spares and usually I am in and out in minutes, but the browsing bug bit and for the first time I had a good look around the shelves and racks.My PCP is, to put it mildly, like me, ancient, but what was there had me muttering WOW!
Never a good thing as far as the wallet goes.
Except it wasn’t me I was thinking about.
Although I taught SWMBO to shoot, she never could relax enough.
That’s mainly because I’ve always found it difficult to ‘fit’ a gun to her frame.
So imagine my grin when I found not one, but TWO racks full of “shorter stocks’.
The other thing that really got me excited was how light everything has got.
My mainstay PCP (although to be fair it has a beech stock), weighs in at 8.7 lbs with the scope and moderator fitted. So it’s a bit of a brick.
At 5 lbs, including the scope and moderator, the one I was looking at was exactly right for the smaller frame and lighter build shooter.
I managed to persuade SWMBO to size the weapon to herself.
The butt plate was placed in the crook of her arm and could she get a good position on the grip and the trigger. OH,YES, perfect! BUT, I got that “not today look” so that was that.

If money was no object, and there were no stupid gun laws, there was a lovely Korean lever action, 9 shot, 145 ft lb PCP in 9mm. Good lines, weighs 9.5 pounds which is a full pound lighter than the ubiquitous AK47 with a full mag. Except probably a lot quieter with a SAKS moderator fitted on the spout (muzzle).Talk about droll.
But at £899 I think SWMBO would have brained me if I’d bought it.
I had shot the .32 version many years ago and it was fairly accurate at about 2 MOA.
What surprised me about it was the recoil. Yes, it had one!
That and the one I tried was not moderated so it was really, REALLY LOUD!

Then it was back home via boring things like shopping to painting gates.
See how domesticated I’ve become!

The not scary SWMBO

Apart from being scary SWMBO when she has to be, SWMBO has one talent which never fails to make my day. SWMBO plays the piano.

Not like some stuffed shirt who can only play from music or faithfully copies someone else’s work, SWMBO has an ear for a tune which she then makes all her own.

It’s amazing to listen to her. If there is something she likes to listen to, and if you leave her alone to muck around on her piano, what comes out is clearly recognizable BUT has her own interpretation and always with what she called her ‘fiddly bits’ (accompaniment) which makes the simplest tune into an epic!

Years ago I bought her a piano. It was meant to be a cheap second hand one BUT she fell in love with one particular new Seidel Piano sooo much I just couldn’t resist buying it for her.
There was just one ‘tiny little problem’.
It blew all our new home refurbishment fund bar a few pounds.
Still she would sit on it for hours playing away, lost in the music, me and dawg enjoying every minute of it WHILE SITTING ON THE FRONT STEP!

OK, go on ask me, why the front step?
Because she was embarrassed to play when we were in the house.
Why? I found out it was all because of sibling rivalry where SWMBO could listen to a piece of music just the once and play it back note perfect while her elder sibling was a disaster of a music student.

Family eh? Born into it, and unlike the right to pick and choose your friends, you’re basically stuck with it for evermore. Anyway the upshot was us two got VERY fit walking the streets while she relaxed after yet another lousy day in the office.

Things did get better over time (many years) but hey, when she played I either fell asleep listening to her as it was so relaxing or I was able to sit for hours in my work room, door open to listen to her playing, while doing repairs or whatever.

Then came boat life. We were actually told that a boat builder would build a boat around her piano BUT the price was WAY TOO MUCH and the piano was sold to another. Ho hum.

The good news was when we moved back onto land I managed to drag her into a music shop and got her playing on a large selection of electronic pianos. Something she wasn’t keen on as “it would never sound the same”. WRONG dear, and then some!

The beauty of modern engineering made them sound and perform in the same way as her old upright and she could still work her magic back into her music. Ye-ha! I got to hear her music again (although the new front step has seen dog and I a lot) and she has rediscovered her talent!

Um,  there is just one tiny little thing to sort out again.
How to get me and the dog into the house without her noticing again.

As for that talent?
SWMBO is old school, the tunes and songs of yesteryear and the older generation love her to play for them. The gift of music is what she was born with and, given the chance, it’s lovely to see older faces than ours light up in delight as she plays.

There is just one more thing to say which I haven’t mentioned yet.
She can’t read a note of music.
Yep, she plays by ear, makes it up on the fly, and if you can hum it, she’ll play it.

Ain’t I the lucky one!

What was I saying about injuries?

All I did was pick up one little 18″ square paving stone from the back of the car and BANG I’ve torn a back muscle.
So, in I stagger, on goes the kettle for a bit of instant heat i.e. a hot water bottle, I pop a Dihydrocodeine, and stretch out flat, which turned out to be a pretty dumb thing to do!
The why? Because I couldn’t get up again.
Eventually, having got damn mad with myself for being so stupid, I’m up and ‘Owww’, but at least I can reach the toilet.

So after that, I’m sat bolt upright, fully supported, but now able to move, sort of.
The ‘Owww’ level has finally dropped to only a couple of cuss words.
And once again, my faith in opiates is fully justified.

Sigh. A classic case of injury as described in ‘One simple sprain later’.
I’m largely immobile so SWMBO takes the strain.


Problem is if a fluffy bunny stormed the building when she was out, I reckon he’d win if I was on my own. There again if she was in, we would definitely end up with rabbit for supper! Did I happen to mention SCARY??

SWMBO and her cold.

Good news! SWMBO’s on the mend.
Bad news! I’ve picked up her bug.
Colds usually run the same for both of us.
3 days to get it, 3 days to have it, and 3 days to get over it.
So this is day two of my sore throat and I’m feeling well yukky.
I’m hoping to be OK for Monday because we’ve got a new dentist to go and terrorize whoops, I meant see.
Methinks giving him a newly hatched cold might not be the shrewdest of moves.



04h SWMBO fell ill after her flu jab.
So I had three choices.
Chuck her into the car and drive to the local A&E (17 minutes away)
Call 999 the emergency line (which never gets you help so is a bit pointless)
Call 111 the NHS help/advice line. (our usual first port of call)
There are no other out of hours options in the UK as GP’s don’t do emergency calls to your home anymore. Except in some really rural locations where old school GP’s still do house calls.

Yet that decision needed to be backed up with basic first aid.
So, can you run a basic set of observations?
Temperature, respiration, blood pressure, assess pain, consciousness.
Plus get a history?
(Feel free to jump in at any time shtfprepper, you’re the expert not me).

So the fever strip had SWMBO running a slight temperature at 37.5
Respiration was sort of OK, not labored at 20 BPM
As for that pain, central mass high, crushing. Not spreading, localized. scoring 7/10
Conscious, fully awake, interactive, vocal and hurting.
Pulse steady, not thready, and not erratic.
Blood pressure. I cheat. ON went the cuff and purrrrrr went the little box.
178/78 which for her was a bit high the pulse was 60 and we’ve got a neat little feature on ours that detects erratic rhythm. Nope, not flashing.

My money was on indigestion of the hurting type caused by that jab but I phoned for advice. Within a minute SWMBO was chewing on an aspirin and an ambulance dispatched to us. So I helped her to get the basics on and prepared the overnight bag.
Ambulance arrived (30 minutes) not bad for around us and she was all hooked up. Good accuracy check of what I’d done and the ECG was normal.
End result, SWMBO went to hospital for a check up.
1hr and 2o minutes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!
I was told to phone up in 4 hours as the tests would be done by then.
Shrug, SWMBO was in safe hands, I had a fretting dog to think about so kissy, kissy, and away she went.
Later to be told that on the van she had increasing pain so she was given a fix of joy juice aka morphine. Er she doesn’t do anything more powerful than Aspirin so I can imagine just what she was like after that. One word: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

At hospital, bloods, x-rays, and then a wait, a longer wait, 4 hours later another longer wait.
Then she called me just as I had got to sleep. Darn it!
All tests normal but they were running MORE tests and she was OK and in HDU.
HDU, high dependence unit!?! OK, I just may have freaked a tiny bit.


Still I spoke to her calmly (she still a little bit away with the fairies), hung up and phoned the hospital, And got some snot gobbling tart who wouldn’t tell me a thing about what was going on.
I kinda don’t appreciate that only to discover she was the nurse in charge.

So no point me kicking up a further fuss I drove “in a sedate, careful, controlled, never broke the speed limit once (sort of)” up to the hospital to see what was happening. As I arrived she was phoning me. Neat trick as I don’t own a mobile but ho hum.
Bottom line we came home within 10 minutes of my arrival and she’s on a months worth of pills.
diagnosis, not an allergic reaction to flu jab, just wind. BOLLOCKS, if that was the case why the meds for acute acid reflux caused by an allergic reaction?
End of adventure, but I HATED the hospital she was taken to.
Ahole un-friendly staff, dirty  and, me being VERY not PC, the nurses were all white and speaking English but as for the doctors? Well it looked more like the UN than a hospital.
Quite frankly I couldn’t wait to drive off.

End of adventure, SWMBO happy, me happy, dog ecstatic, and we all fell asleep in our chairs for the best bit of 4 hours!

No more flu jabs, ever, I mean NEVER EVER AGAIN!
That and trust my instincts i.e next time:

A sedate, careful, controlled,
calm drive to the nearest A&E.

Playing Darts

Three games a day to hone the skills of SWMBO who plays darts for a pub league.
So I lose, she loses, yet on average we’re sort of the same level.

Except there is that Math thing.
With a mind like a razor, SWMBO adds, subtracts, and works out the permutations of the next shot in milliseconds.

As for Me?
Well math and me get there eventually, while I gently run my score down to something even I can hit on my final double.

Um, except there is a ‘teenie’ problem about that last double.
I can group really tight but that’s not worth a damn if the group isn’t smack on a double.
So if I end up on a double I’m not happy about, me liking double 20 or anywhere on the right of the board, I’m basically plugging away till I end up on double 1, and I really hate that number!

Still it’s only a bit of fun.