The devil is in the detail and that’s not exactly forthcoming.
17.4 million also didn’t vote for a deal, we voted to LEAVE the EU!
What a lot of us are scared of is what we call, in the UK, A FUDGE.
Which can mean:-
To avoid making hard decisions about something,
Of not making a good job out of negotiations,
A stitch up to appease one’s peers or betters, or
Agreeing to something lame to keep one’s job.

Yet, it could all be a ploy by BOJO, Boris Johnson.
After all if parliament won’t approve it, the clock may run down to a HARD BREXIT! Which is exactly what 17.4 million mandated.

Nice if it happens but like everyone in the outcast profession of politician.
I don’t trust any of them to honor the will of the people.

I don’t know if people are just gullible but HERE you’ll find the supposed full text of the new agreement. Except it’s all about Northern Ireland and miscellaneous shite. The full guts of the BREXIT deal is not forthcoming.
Another reference to this “document” is from CNN, HERE.

So don’t be fooled, nothing is clearly set out that includes the ‘full agreement’, and not everything printed is in anyway “open and transparent”.
Plus there is the UK parliament to think about.
Probably the largest collection of braying donkeys in the UK.
Only unlike real donkeys, the whole lot of them combined has less brain power than a single four hoofed real life donkey!