The bog’s have it.

As I write this, Brexit is once again being held to ransom by the Irish DUP, and I wonder when will the British MP’s ever get their heads around the obvious.

You can’t trust the Irish or the Scot Politicians.

Yet the answer is simple.
Like two wayward children it’s time to stop their pocket money or just send them packing in the form of:-

Give Northern Ireland to Eire, lock stock and terrorists.
Let Scotland have their independence.

Then stop all aid, welfare, and access to our financial systems and using the GB pound.
Take away their right to use UK passports and work freely here.
Now foreigners, they will all have to apply for the right to stay in England.
Get rid of the unskilled and undesirable including their travelers and rogue traders.

Cancel all government contracts with the now foreign Northern Irish and the now ‘Free’ Scotland have with us.

Stop ALL their now foreign commercial traffic from crossing English borders without the full force of foreign goods inspections.

Then sit back and see who bleats first.
Except the Brit politicians won’t as they have absolutely no cohones.

United Kingdom.
A sick joke is that description of a divided country with false hope that you can negotiate with their (should be foreign) version of the latest outcast profession – POLITICIANS.