Is YouTube going to die?

It turns out that I’m not alone in searching for other social media (video) platforms other than YouTube. Places where ordinary people can showcase their work for others to see for free AND without constant interruptions.

The why is really straight forward. GOOGLE.
They have commercialized what wasn’t broken into what is being wrecked by advertising. Of course you can PAY to watch items which last year were free and advert free. Only why should you be forced to do so?

Their increasingly hostile view on what is acceptable is worrying too.
They are assessing things in terms of political correctness, non racial content, non religious, or controversial in the slightest, faster than you can type the word CENSORSHIP and pretty much everything new comes (or will come) under question at some time subject to the variable diktats of government or media fads.

In short, YouTube is dying a slow, public, painful death.

So what’s the alternatives that aren’t Twitter, Facebook, or whatever.
I’m talking about places where the limits are reasonable and the officialdom and interference minimal.

There lies the problem.
Over half of what is available only works on smart media i.e. phones or tablets.
Over half of that is GETTING tied up in pointless legal and political red tape regarding content. So currently, things are beginning to look bad for those with a specialist interest like preppers, survivalists, gun owners, even down to the ‘howto’ tutorials.

In short the freedoms we once took for granted are being eroded away by commercial considerations masquerading as control to protect the innocent.


Google goes targeted advert mad.

I like to listen to music and YouTube (now well mucked up by Google), filled the “suggested subjects’ based on my viewing and listening habits with 60 music suggestions leaving just 4 about current affairs (but not news).

Only here’s the thing.
I hadn’t signed in, by mistake accessing it from Tor, have no cookies on my machine, everything identifiable is swept during close down, and it seems my viewing habits consisted of the first thing I looked at, music.

So whatever analyzed me filtered out anything important like links to news services around the world.

I interpret that as corporate censorship. What think you?


When Google bought YouTube I wondered when the videos would get in the way of their advertising. Problem is it’s reached that point for me.

Luckily, and thankfully, a few of the survivalist and prepper sites have ditched the stupidity and you can watch their videos, podcasts, and forums without the “advertising”, “Terms of Service” and “Rules” which those corporate ratbags are applying to everything.

Additionally, to spite the corporate intrusions into your viewing, there has been an explosion in addons for browsers that do help filter out the rubbish aka adverts.

Their effectiveness varies,  ‘Filtering works better if’ sort of thing, BUT if you have downloaded freeware (Love that word ‘free) i.e. A YouTube down loader and a basic video editing suite (note:- I don’t list or suggest programs, never have, never will), plus possess the patience of a saint in some cases, it is possible to end up with a decent “non Google adverted ” film or article.

So what now?
I’m not a film maker but if I was then I’d have to run my own website and offer downloads on demand. I used to do that in years past but the problem is that can get expensive as bandwidth costs and storage costs soar! Thus my ‘generosity’ and pockets only went so far.
Ultimately I can see the resurgence of printed or direct downloadable matter, from source, as the Corporate Geniuses at Google, and my ever intelligent (not) government, censor more and more content.

So my advice, for what it’s worth, is download the planet for future viewing as off-line content. AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT!

What I don’t want to see is the survivalist and prepping entrepreneurs stepping in with more subscription only sites. Something I found a few years ago with UK prepping forums and it was instrumental with making ‘little clicky groups’. A few of them with a very high opinion of themselves (bunch of stuck up prats mainly), and very dismissive of ‘the little guys and girls’.
Bottom line?
You pay for ‘exclusive use’ and what you get is still available if you hunt for it on the WWW. What, they didn’t bother to tell you that? How remiss of them.

Besides, I hate selfish data. The “You can only see what may save your life by paying.”
Altruistic and free stuff is what I reference from and, after trying it out, pass on.
I find it’s often better than commercial offerings anyway.
Still if everyone said NO TO PAYING, those ratbags robbing you of your money would just give up. As it is, your (and my) problem is some fools will always pay to save themselves keyboard time and thus the pain will go on, and on, and on.

Anyway my downloads amount to 2.4 GB of stuff, and no I’m not bragging.
Most of it is in text file format (Teenie weenie stuff) plus a few video’s and lots and lots of ‘how to’ and field manuals. Why so much? Some would argue why so little.

Knowledge is king in survival with practice, innovation, and improvisation a close joint second. Besides, why reinvent the wheel (solve a survival, preparedness, or technical problem from scratch) when others have already done that for you?