Bad day, worse night.

It all started when a couple of Ospreys (of the US mil type) flew over heading towards Donna Nook Ranges.

Anyway FEELING the heavy beat of two sets of heavy blades, I had started to get twitchy before I even saw the pair on formation.

Can’t you lot make anything that flies quietly? Jeez!

SWMBO was intrigued by them as she usually is with aircraft but I knew what was coming and I definitely wasn’t a happy bunny by then. Sure enough, half a dozen strafing runs later, way up the coast (thank you wind), and the 50 cal brrrrr was raising what hair I’ve still got off the back of my neck. SWMBO hadn’t heard a thing which is weird because she’s usually got ears like an owl. Then to cap it all the sods flew back over us.

I sort of knew why I was upset as being on the receiving end of 50 cal from (not so) friendly fire does tend to leave an impression. As for the heavy beat of rotors, that’s also not my favorite tune of all times.

Only after 30 plus years you would have thought I’d grown out of that by now.

And so to bed having been less than charming the whole day.
Luckily SWMBO knows these mood swings and why.
So she instinctively gives me the space I need when I need it.
Got to love a good keeper haven’t you.

Anyway, you know what it’s like watching YouTube when they are previewing films, snippet after snippet after snippet, until it all rolls into a confused mess? That was my night. Confusing, disjointed, and a mess of bad memories.

Add waking up to daylight (I thought).
So I get out of bed and draw the curtains to a well-lit yard.
Only its not the sun, it’s the Spring Moon. WTH!!!
The clock saying 2 am and way too much for me to cope with so back to bed I goes and I slip the headphones on to ‘Autumn Colors’ by Peder Helland.
Out in seconds I’d guess to awake 6 hours later on the rush to get out for an appointment. Only one tiny problem thereafter. I’m shattered before I even get started.

So a little lower next time boys.
The #60 slingshot and a handful of nice shiny 1/2 inch nuts will be in my pocket all ready for you. Look at it as payback for wrecking my karma.