Stupid is as stupid does

It’s not only embarrassing but it also goes to show the mentality and IQ of the UK sheeple.

4 or 5 protesters blocked off an Aldi depot in Merseyside because they didn’t like its foreign heritage.

Some dressed up in the Union Jack, and one prat with a microphone shouted:
‘This is Brexit at it’s best.’

OMG, how puerile is all that.
Hang on that’s a hard word for this level of protest. I’ll try again.
OMG, are you Fk’ing stupid or what.

Social media had a field day at them, especially as one was driving a GERMAN MADE CAMPERVAN.

As for the police saying it was a peaceful protest?
Just CS them next time.
Sheeple never learn anything without a little pain.



When the enemy decides your fate

Brexit news – live: Theresa May leaves EU leaders to decide Britain’s fate after interrogation over Article 50.

What terms can a victor in any ‘negotiation’ demand?
Anything they want.

Just how long is it going to take before the UK’s thinking population wake up to what is going to happen next?

Sometime soon, or sometime never?

Whether or you wanted Brexit or not, you are about to be shafted until your eyes hurt and for just about everything we held dear.

Such will be the price for Theresa May’s failure and the newest of outcast professions, POLITICIANS.

As for you lemons banking on
UK’s Democratic Process
To sort things out?

I can’t kick a can anymore BUT

I can certainly knock that hated Brexit Can further down the street.
Just like Theresa May is doing despite the protestations of 17 million (plus change) people in the Untied  (not a typo) Kingdom who wanted a quick no frills Brexit!

Sigh. I am getting so tired of all this political nonsense.
I would like to say, “Bring on the war”, BUT even that is looking well limp or just not going to happen. Honestly the UK’s sheeple couldn’t organise a ‘piss up’ in a brewery. Mainly because apathy rules and the TV is still running endless repeats.

Then, to add to my pain, in the post today was a letter “to the occupier” wanting me to vote in the local elections. I scanned the ballot paper carefully looking for my favored candidate. Nope, and even NOTA was missing.

What make you of this?

Brexit: Any EU country that vetoes Article 50 delay ‘wouldn’t be forgiven’, Irish premier Leo Varadkar says. A good, solid ancestry, Irish name for you (not).

Anyway, does that sound like a threat to you?
If it does it’s probably because the word ‘Irish’ is there but the why is not so complicated to understand.

IF ANY EU COUNTRY vetoes an Article 50 delay (extension or whatever), the UK will bomb out of Europe in short order. That will have instant and DEVASTATING consequences for the Irish. The main one is they will have to set up border controls between them, Northern Ireland (Currently part of the UK), and the UK itself. They also won’t be able to export to the UK without a trade agreement OR transit goods across the UK for forwarding onto and from Europe without some sort of visa or ‘arrangement’.

We call that being up the creek without a paddle!

Of course this could have been avoided by them being more accommodating towards Brexit BUT one of the main sticking points for the whole sorry mess we find ourselves in has been their constant bitching about EVERYTHING!

So once again, and very politely, I wonder.
“There must be someone in the EU that hates our guts enough to chuck us out quickly!” After all if forced to take part in the EU elections, the vetoes our MEP’s (Messrs Farage and friends) can invoke regarding just about everything financial will cause untold damage to the EU. That’s something which could be avoided by simply forcing our limp politicians to STFU and  HARD BREXIT NOW!

Not that I’m biased in any way.

Labour leader Corbyn’s true face.

I do love a bit of investigative journalism and here’s what putting two well researched stories together gives you.

In 1974 the IRA blew up a Birmingham Pub. 21 people died.
The matter has once again been investigated and the inquest concluded they were unlawfully killed after a botched IRA warning call. The Irish Republican Army aka IRISH TERRORISTS.

And suddenly I got one of those
light bulb moments.

24th May 2018.
Jeremy Corbyn (the IRA’s buddy) called for the “spirit of the Good Friday Agreement” to be revived to protect peace in Northern Ireland after Brexit and get Stormont back up and running.

The Good Friday Agreement was all about granting pardons and immunity from prosecution for IRA terrorists. Thus they needed to make sure they still have immunity and Corbyn rushes into to make sure they are safe AND to further push for a Unified Ireland. Another IRA goal.

The Irish DUP wanted Corbyn to condemn the violence during any meetings. He won’t do that and that’s all part of his “friends in low places” persona.

DUP Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson fumed: “He is taking a view that is contrary to that held by the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland and I suspect in the Irish Republic as well. “People in Northern Ireland do not want to hear his anti-democratic views about defying the will of the people to break up the Union.”

And that is the quality of the person
Theresa May has just got into bed with?

If she is not careful, and so far Theresa May has been FAR from being careful, this could end up with No Brexit and as a side ‘gift’ a Unified Ireland.

Now I could be wrong BUT if Ireland was unified, there wouldn’t have been a border problem. Which removes a hell of a block to agreeing Brexit among the monkeys that strut their stuff in the House of Commons (Parliament).

Only here’s the kicker and it concerns Theresa May.
She doesn’t want to ‘split up the UK’.
Perhaps she should ask the people what they want.
Hang on, her political party did once before but didn’t like the answer!
Sigh. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Just as bad as each other.
They just shouldn’t be allowed.

Stockpiling for Hard Brexit

One of our national media gained access to a warehouse full of essential items from medical supplies to food for NHS Wales for about eight weeks.

I get it. No Brexit happens, we have been told the world implodes, but the Health Service in Wales are ready for it.

Except there are times when you look at what is being done by large organizations JIC (just in case) and you just KNOW the lunatics (and not preppers) are drawing up the stockpiling lists.

The warehouse concerned has been stocked with 1,700 different products including syringes (good), dressings (good), needles (good), toilet rolls (Very good), canned tomatoes, and even some 22,00 kg of baked beans.

REALLY! Canned tomatoes AND baked beans?
When I read this, and for some in-explainable reason, I started to chuckle.  In any disaster planning you need to think about medical supplies, but for the life of me I can’t think of one medical condition that demands tinned tomatoes and baked beans as a fundamental treatment. Medical gloves, drugs, dressings, antiseptics, disinfectants, antibiotics, all yes. Even down to premature baby nappies, but as for Baked beans (with or without toast)?

That’s just comfort food and extremely bad as it contributes to the greenhouse gases that are destroying the world!

Theresa May to beg Socialists for help

Theresa May. UK’s Prime Minister in name only is finished.
She has lost the support of the country, parliament, the Conservative Party, and most of her peers.  Plus 14 out of 24 government ministers leaving a gaggle of sycophantic ‘yes ma’am’ cronies kowtowing to her every whim.

What comes next has blown through the ‘politeness and proper’ of politics with one ERG MP (The ERG is an alliance made up of a group of backbench Conservative BREXITEER MPs) who told Sky News:

“This is serious stuff.
She has f***ed our party.
She is f***ing Brexit.
She is f***ing the country.”

Their leader, Jacob Rees-Mogg,  said, ““What was announced today was an attempt to overturn Brexit in an attempt to do a deal with the socialists. People did not vote for a Corbyn-May coalition government”.

SO! Having royally screwed up Brexit, she is now going to beg a hard-line Socialist (Corbyn the Red), who is the leader of the also dysfunctional Labour party to help her.

Problem is some Labour MPs are already angry that she was trying to ‘dip Mr Corbyn’s hands in the mess’ of Brexit. I think they are right and she is desperately looking for someone to pass her failure onto.

The only question after that is “WILL HE TAKE THE BAIT!”

Personally I think he will as he is too stupid not to, and the pair of them will go away, hand in hand, to sell the country out back into the EU.

Either that or he will use this to totally destroy the Conservative party.

Meanwhile on the streets the ropes are out for her.
The anger is also getting louder and more aggressive towards the outcast profession that is  “Politician”.

Are we approaching breaking point?
Media comment aside, ordinary people are not happy, and some of them possess lousy self-control. We live in Lincolnshire, for the most part a VERY anti EU county. Last night, at a function she was attending, SWMBO reported back to me that the atmosphere was seething mad with how the government was handling things. Something around 200 were attending.

Tin Hat Time?