So here’s the thing.

The European elections were a disaster for the old guard, two party politics, that has dominated UK politics since Noah was a little boy.

So what’s happened since.
Ever seen what happens when you uncover something dirty and expose it to the light? In London (the dirty bit) aka the houses of parliament, rather fat cockroaches explode outwards looking for cover.

That’s not exactly what has happened but every MP (and they all look like ‘roaches) and their dog is after the top job, aka The Prime Minister, and the halls are brimming with the ever hopeful, vying, trying, probably bribing, almost certainly backstabbing, their way towards getting it.

Only what is being forgotten, or maybe ignored, in the turmoil of the race, is the fact that these are the very characters that have denied us BREXIT in the first place with all their posturing and stupidity.

After that gem of wisdom has sunk in, you should come to the realisation that nothing will change AT ALL if the other MP idiots and their party members vote one of these ‘roaches into the position of Prime Minister. Or that the present political parties are allowed to operate in the same way as they are now.


Voting Day

Ask 100 people and you’ll get 101 answers to the question:
Are you voting today?

  • I’m not going to vote because what’s the point
  • I’m too busy
  • I didn’t register to vote
  • I don’t know who to vote for
  • and on, and on, and on.

The problem in the UK is it’s NOT LAW that you have to vote so what you get is a tiny percentage of the population dropping everyone in it (if that happens).

So what was it today?
The European elections and voting for the UK’s representatives in the EU silly.
Haven’t you been watching the zillion hours of media coverage?
Well you probably haven’t, or maybe you don’t care, but it’s going to be mighty interesting to see who comes up as the overall winner.

That and I’m waiting for Trump’s Twitter input.

Yet I’m kinda expecting a low turn out for all of the above reasons (plus 96 other ‘I’m not going to vote’ excuses). Such is the apathy of the UK’s Sheeple.

OK, the nitty-gritty, who did I vote for?

Surprised? For anyone who follows my scribblings I’m guessing you’ll be thinking ‘hardly’. However the why we voted at all says a lot about our thinking.
Our view is, whatever the result, if you haven’t voted you have no right to bitch about things if they go wrong, or right, or whatever.

And we do love a good bitch!

But today, as said, was Brexit party day. All five of them got my mark.
Was it purely to support the Brexit party because I believe in their politics?
Not wholly, but I just love the idea that they will wreak havoc on the EU parliament. The other is a protest vote against the main political parties who have betrayed the country, all 17.4 million of us. That and I’m still peeved about wasting 150 million on an election to a body that will probably chuck us out or collapse in a few years.

It’s been rumoured that the final result won’t be released till Monday.
Curious isn’t it. UK’s General and local council elections, same day.
Something minor like the rest of our lives and our nations future?
Monday will do.

Why the delay?
I reckon that its to give our LINO (Leader In Name Only) Prime Minister Theresa May time to pack before quitting sometime next week. BUT time will tell.

Ultimatum time

OK, the latest of breaking news is:-

UK will face either no-deal or no Brexit if MPs vote down withdrawal agreement, ministers insist – live news

To withdraw from Brexit will result in carnage.
That will take two forms.
Physical I guess is an option and there are plenty of hotheads out in the real world that can do just that.
The other form will be the relatively quiet political death of something like 50% of the current crop of MP’s.

After that will come the demands for the reckoning of how much has parliament cost the UK in their betrayal and who is going to pick up the tab?

If the lunatic asylum that is parliament try to raise taxes to cover the shortfall, I can see loads of our brightest and rich leaving the country taking their wealth, knowledge, and businesses with them. If they try to extend austerity, the same will happen.

As for foreign investment?
That will never come back as the UK will be looked at as being as attractive as a smelly turd on a hot summers day.
Lost customers won’t return and market places will already be working with others WAY MORE reliable, and cheaper, than UK industry.
Our world standing will free fall to something less than Argentina, and our credit rating to sovereign default status i.e. less than junk bond level.

Or does anyone feel that everything will turn out alright in the end?
Politicians and academics need not answer.

They read her like pro’s.

GUY VERHOFSTADT’S top aide told Theresa May to “f*** off” after the Prime Minister threatened to leave the European Union with no deal, shocking BBC documentary footage has revealed.

It’s been written up in the media as shocking but I would have said the same in their shoes as everyone and their pet monkey knew by then Theresa May was powerless and full of p’ss and wind.

As for making threats Deary?
They only work if when challenged you carry them out.
That’s negotiating 101.

Yet she is not the main arbitrator of this national disgrace.
That is down to the initial meddling of an immigrant Gina Miller who took the government to court where three high court judges ruled that Theresa May needed approval from parliament to come out of Brexit and that effectively overrode and betrayed the will of the people.

After that it was “Death to Brexit”
By way of Parliamentary back stabs”.

Then came the all important vote.
Dubbed the “BREXIT vote”, millions of people were betrayed by 89 MP’s from areas that overwhelmingly voted for Brexit. After that it just got worse.

You know it’s not often you can identify the reason for betrayal, or even the people responsible for it, or even why, but this time we can.

The outcome in more civilised countries of this level of betrayal would have been rebellion, BUT this is the UK and in the main we couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, even if the beer came free, let alone a decent riot!

If it did happen, the Americans would call it regime change and support ? ? ? ?
Now there’s an interesting question.
If it did happen, who would they support?
The streets or the government/establishment?

The Russians might like to have a play too as them winning means Europe would be sandwiched between their homeland and their newest of FOB’s the UK.

Having said that, I am a bit biased as I’m still an ardent fan of Russian personal weapons and dislike Trump intensely?

So I’ll join GUY VERHOFSTADT’S top aide in telling Theresa May to “f*** off” , but in the interests of being totally even handed, I’ll also say that to the whole of parliament, the House of Commons, The House of Lords, the judiciary, the bankers, big business, and the hoards of very uncivil, people hating, high ranking Civil Servants who betrayed the will of 17.4 million people.

p.s. It’s no good a few MP’s saying they wanted Brexit all along.
I can’t think of ONE NAME that always voted for a clean break Brexit.

No ideas of their own

Britain’s politicians rushed to be photographed alongside a 16-year-old environmental activist. MPs including John Bercow, Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Miliband, Vince Cable and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

Wow, 90% of the (B List) brainless of the UK!

Without a brain cell between them, these fools would be better directing their time to solving Brexit and RUNNING THE COUNTRY than courting a truant about global issues that won’t change as money speaks louder than any 16-year-old brat can.

Another fine mess by UK’s PM Theresa May?

5G and in particular the Chinese technology used to run it.
Theresa May may use Chinese owned Huawei to build parts of our new 5G wireless communication system. Ignoring warnings from five senior ministers and from U.S. intelligence experts that this poses a risk to national security.

This snippet was also interesting to note: The US has warned that if we let Chinese technology into our core communications systems, it will stop sharing top-secret intelligence material with us.

Am I surprised by her actions? Nope, not in the slightest.
The ignoring of her senior ministers is commonplace for her.
Ignoring the security implications is probably down to the fact she can’t spell ‘sek-cure-i-tea’ let alone understand why letting a foreign power view everything we do is borderline lunacy.

To that I’ll add the witch has all but destroyed Brexit, the UK’s world standing, completely wrecked the UK’s political system, while still wearing that her oversized dog chain, love beads, and tap washer necklaces around her scrawny neck!

What, You’re thinking I don’t like her?
Damn right I don’t!

However she did get one thing right in 2002 when she said about the Conservative Party, “You know what people call us? The Nasty Party”. From multiple  faux pas to total disasters she has enhanced that view over the years and lately added a new badge of recognition.

Country Wreckers.

Just unite Ireland

Wanna know why I’m saying that again?

The New IRA has admitted responsibility for the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Londonderry. The republican splinter group offered ‘full and sincere apologies’ to her family and friends in a statement to The Irish News. 

Using a recognised code word the group said Ms McKee had died ‘in the course of attacking the enemy’ and insisted it would tell its members to ‘take the utmost care in future’. A gunman aiming to kill police hit the talented 29-year-old in the head on Thursday night after firing indiscriminately during riots in the Creggan estate.

Aw that’s really nice of them and so comforting to know that the New IRA will only target NI police and not anyone else.

They are terrorists, and despite the spray painted “#not in my name” and the red hand protests, they will continue injuring, maiming, and killing, while earnestly apologizing for any collateral damage to innocents they cause.

Just give the whole mess to Eire, Southern Ireland, and be done with them. I reckon it’s time the Taoiseach of Eire had a little bit of terrorism to deal with and a huge extra welfare bill.

A just reward for screwing up Brexit.