Today’s Radio show.

Jeremy Vine is the broadcaster and it’s a daily chat show.
He covers current events in the UK.

Today’s question was simple.
Seeing what is NOT going to happen on the 29th March this year because of the politicians. (Er, that would be BREXIT).
The question was (sort of),
“Do you feel embarrassed about being British because of what is not happening and how the whole thing has been handled?”

The hand was twitching over the mobile as I was torn between what to say that wouldn’t get me arrested!

  1. Dear Jeremy. Yes. (probably the only thing I could have said).
  2. Or, Yes and I’ve burnt my passport in protest.
  3. Or, not a lot, just mildly upset Jeremy (through tightly gritted teeth).
  4. Then there was Yes and SCREW ALL POLITICIANS. That was also discarded.
  5. I felt better after practicing a whole string of profanity, cussing, and screaming abuse down the phone, but somehow thought that might have been a little too much.
  6. Declaring that I’d like to blow the shit out of parliament was also rejected.

Only the more I thought about it the more I realized that my disgust was for all things NEW BRITISH and our farcical and corrupt ‘democratic system’ of governance.
For me this years prize for outcast profession is definitely POLITICIAN and I can’t wait for the next general election.

But then I calmed down enough to think clearly.
I am not British anymore as Britain (Great or not) is no more.
It ended when some lame arse politician gave up our sovereignty and plonked us into the  European Union. Only at that time it was called the Common Market.

As for then re-branding us as living in the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom and further declaring we are all Europeans!
Well there are still a majority ‘old school’ who long for the return of England, Scotland, and Wales. Back to what was and not the mess of what is.

The term British now really only belongs to those who become naturalized citizens.
Not born here, the immigrants, their offspring, and even their offspring, are ‘British’ in name only and form part of our problem.

Does that make me racist or even a nationalist?
Probably but a very even handed one. I dislike everyone not indigenous of this country.
Which means I’m perfectly OK with the Welsh, Scot, and Cornish. The other three proud parts of what was Great Britain. Whether they are OK with me? Like I care.

English-born, indigenous, Christian, and from good English stock.
I now live in a part of England where the majority still want independence from the European Union. Where the idea of lynching those lying bastard politicians still makes people smile.

Where we have our own flag.

The red cross is the Saint George’s Cross representing England.
(Something that apparently scares the hell out of the ‘foreigners’)
Yellow represents the crops grown in the county.
Blue represents both the sea of the East coast and the wide skies of Lincolnshire.
Green symbolizes the rich lushness of fen land fields.
The fleur de lys is a recognized symbol of the City of Lincoln.

Now all we need is a few hundred miles of border wire and we’ll be safe from the UK.
The ‘UNTIED’ (not a typo) Kingdom. As for being disgusted at being British.
Na, more like this reaction to being called British:-