Shooting Notes

I will list them on this page.
Most are to do with air weapons as that’s all I play with now.
Having said that, I’ve got years of experience with firearms from pre, service, and after days.

I’m no way an expert, never claimed to be one, but you may enjoy the content and might even pick up a thing or two.

Bear in mind that the last rifle I shot ‘in anger’ was an SVD Dragonov so I’m not going to be up to speed with ‘modern developments.
Having said that, nothing much changes, only the price tags.

Now in date order, newest first. Use search facility to view.

Shooting to BRASS
Worrying about the little things when shooting
A Mishmash of rifle shooting faults.
Fully Supported
Lead Rust
Fog, eyes, and IFF.
Springer and Gas Ram Jump
Angle Shooting
Cold and Weapons
Lasers and ranging
One squared away urban survivalist
Can an air rifle disable an attacker?
7 Celsius to minus 3.
Field Expedient Barrels
Iron Sights
The drop shot.
Shooting notes, Distance.
Blurred Red dot sight
Just stand still!
Magnum, +P, and +P+
The crack of a small bore
A tale of modifying air gun pellets.
Threadlocker nightmare
Hollow ground screwdrivers
Carrying mixed shotgun gauges.
O-Ring failures
Center Mass.
Shooting. The little 22 LR as a defense round
Pellet Count
Knives verses guns
A question of accuracy
Biggest prey you can take down with a 22 pcp
Grease and compressed air.
Knowing Stress
One Way Traffic
Tritium and luminous paint
Tuning an Air Rifle
Soft Lead
Air Pellet Penetration
Air weapons and the need for speed
Talking CQB sights
2200 psi
Rust on a blued barrel
Aghh, Complex sights
No dialup
Shooting Through Glass
Silent But Deadly
Care of Ammunition
Safety Catches On Guns
Pellet Flipping
He aims, shoots, and misses.
O Rings
Hand Pump
Barrel Scrubbing
Creepy Trigger
A Simple Reticule
Night Light and Scopes
Why I prefer Air.
Iron Sights
Lead Care
Leading the Target
.22 LR v .22 Air Rifle
The L42A1
Airgun Smack!
Springer Maintenance
Bladed Weapons
Firearms Need Fuel Too
Holding an Air gun