Paul Gray


Hi, hello, and welcome to my blog.

About me.
Old, Knackered, High School Educated, Night School for everything else.
Done a fair bit in my life and been round about a third of the world.
I’m ex-military, gamekeeper, deer stalker, commercial security, and bailiff.
Ex-Computer Hardware & Peripherals and Telecommunications Engineer.
Still play a bit with TV, LF to SHF Radio, Marine Radio & Radar.
Freebander on 11 meters. Callsign 26FB962.

Prepper and a survivalist for over 50 years.
So I know what I need to know.
I am no expert in anything, never claimed to be, and probably never will be.
Married to a loveliest ‘keeper’ in the world.
My goal is to enjoy life, grow older together, and finally to relax.

Make them, don’t make them, it’s your choice.
Note that all comments are moderated so being a troll will just get you blacklisted, named, and shamed.

Finally my familiar warnings:-


I am indigenous WHITE ENGLISH, raised a CHRISTIAN, born and bred in ENGLAND, GREAT BRITAIN. I am not a fan of multicultural, religious tolerance, the politically correct, politicians, and the LGBT(whatever) brigade.

If that offends you, just leave.