`Nightwish`are a band from Finland and together with a handful of other big names in that genre (you’ve probably never heard of) have massive followings.

That genre is Symphonic Metal (Heavy Rock).
Which you’ll either love or totally HATE! (Rather like Marmite)
Personally I feel rock musicians are the only people actually playing instruments and writing songs with depth nowadays.
Having said that I’m also a fan of bluegrass and the occasional country.
Chris Rhea and Sugarland sort of thing. But don’t hold that against me.

As for what is being touted on the radio as ‘pop’ music today?
Don’t make me laugh.
Most of the stuff that the ‘pretty boy’ and girls,’C’Rap, drill, gansta, or whatever BAME rubbish is being churned out isn’t so much music but noise and gibberish that only appeals to the dumb (and more recently violent) in mindset.

It’s also quite interesting in another way.
What is touted as popular music today follows the same format that it has done for as long as I can remember. On a 45 vinyl it lasted for 3 minutes on average to a maximum of 10 minutes tops. Then, although things got sophisticated with MP3 and beyond, the songs (or rubbish they call music nowadays) occasionally ran for upwards of 10 minutes BUT the masses, the so called future generation and our next generation leaders, still love the shorties i.e. 3 minutes tops.

Aka the attention span of a goldfish in a VERY big tank of water!

I reckon it’s down to the dumbing down in education and society as a whole. So is it any wonder why most of the following of those genre I listed as pop are either deadheads, dickheads, snowflakes under 25’s (no surprise), and/or druggies?

A snapshot of listening figures per week for this year.
Radio 1 (pop music) 5-6 million a week
Radio 2 (easy listening) 16-18 million a week
Radio 3 (classic) 2-2.2 million a week
Radio 4 (Drama and information) 10-10.5 million a week.

Wow. what a difference!
I had to choose the BBC (unfortunately) because there are a lot of “independents” out there but I needed some sort of uniform standard to work with.

To me it does (maybe) prove my point.
The lowest was Classics (no great surprise) followed closely by Radio 1 (pop music).

Meanwhile it’s back to Nightwish (and others) to an earful of REAL music with lyrics that mean something. If you want to enjoy a new (not) sound AND a few rock anthems, there is loads of tracks and albums on YouTube.

The land of milk and honey?

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) found Labour have lost 10 percent of their support from voters with a household income of lower than £17,000 since April. (Express)

You can add us to that list as we don’t earn anything near that!
The reality is every political party has lost our vote as most everything we do earn goes in local taxes and fuel to get healthcare 170 miles away as the NHS around us never seem to deliver. So, at the end of the year, we may just have £200 mad money assuming nothing falls apart between now and Christmas.
Good job I stocked up on duct tape isn’t it!

For us the only sensible vote so far is:-
And bring on the military coup!

Running with the lemmings.

Boom, bang, smoke, fire, or just alarms. When you are in unfamiliar surroundings,  everyone without training generally runs in the same direction, away from the event.

So what to do?
Run within the crowd and hope there is sufficient meat around you to soak up any flack, explosives, bullets, or blades?

Or did you carry out your due diligence to keep yourself (and others) from harm. That all important survey of exits and plan for a couple of ways out in case of emergencies. checking that doors were unlocked, exits were cleared, and whether there was adequate lighting. That’s just in case you weren’t carrying an EDC with a small torch and the essentials like dust masks, gloves, a weapon, charged up mobile, and a small first aid kit.

I’ve been in panicky crowds before and the worst thing to do is to ‘go with the flow’. Two reasons.

  1. For a disabled person the push and frantic behavior can put you on the ground in seconds. After that it’s only a matter of time before you get crushed.
  2. The second is that fear of running over a cliff or being carried by their momentum into a “secondary”. That’s a terrorist (and ambush) trick where the main escape route out is booby trapped or/and covered by a shooter(s).

Yet even fleeing needs careful thought.
Remember the “hope there is sufficient meat around you “?
There is a good case for not relying on that.
Instead you concentrate on moving from cover to cover and NOT being pushed by others in an uncontrolled crush of bodies.
To do that you need to be able to move within a crowd to control your movement.

Yet there is a danger, especially if you are disabled.
Like fighting a powerful water current it is best to use the flow but angle towards the edges. Problem is, in a frantic crowd, you have to be merciless about your safety.

For me that’s easy and two flailing sticks will make space around you despite the panic. Unlike self defense where the objective is to put the person down, here you want to inflict pain enough to get people moving away from you. So none of the leg strikes you’ve trained for, now it’s upper body, less the neck and head.
Remember it’s pain you need, not incapacitation. Having said that, if someone retaliates, put them down. You are already in a “strike (aka aggressive) poise” and that may give you the edge.

Then, as the force and blocking lessens, that’s when you move DIAGONALLY, with the flow to the edges.
Wisely though, and putting yourself on the opposite side of the aggressor(s) or event while carefully scanning for possible IED’s or aggressors.

So what happens if someone opens up?
Without adequate cover, the best you can do with limited mobility is hit the ground and play dead. ‘Fall’ down and curl up like a hedgehog. Protect your head, neck, and your legs. You will need all three when you get a chance to escape. If possible try to get under cover as you do that, be it a table, stage, or between pillars. NEVER curl up along a discarded bag. That may be an IED!

Active shooters.
Except there is that “hide, run, or fight mantra” of dealing with a active shooter.
The hide or run bit is a judgement call and calls for a huge bit of luck that the person(s) you are evading are inexperienced in assaults, or don’t know the full layout of the place you find yourself in.

That place where you did your due diligence and planning.

As for the fight bit?
Unless you are armed, trained with that weapon, or have decent expedient weapons.
AND only if you are capable of mounting an ambush AND are determined and fit enough to keep going an assault until the threat is neutralized.

Perhaps the other two options are better suited to you.

Right the way through this I’ve been speaking about myself as I am mildly disabled and use walking sticks. I’ve just covered that one.

    • For wheel chair users?
      Don’t go down, don’t get unseated, and if you are fight to reach the slack water by the walls.
    • Those with young kids or partners.
      At all times those you are trying to protect MUST BE IN FRONT OF YOU!
      Behind you or to one side is a recipe for disaster.
      Behind may get trampled, alongside your grip on them may be torn apart by the pressure. A panicked crowd will easily break the hold you have on any child and once they fall, it’s unlikely the crowd will even feel them.
      So if you can CARRY a child only be mindful to GET TO THE EDGES because of you go down, so will they.
    • If someone in front you are protecting goes down, Turn and fight the pressure. You need space to rescue them and the only way you can do that is to make space the hard way. NOISE AND FULL ON AGGRESSION.
      Then, when you generate a space, scoop and head for the edges.
    • Those who get separated.
      This is a tough one but bear with me.
      In a surging crowd it’s foolish to try and fight their force if you cannot see the person you have lost.
      So I want you to consider these points NOW before you have to make a decision then.
      They will buck your instinct to protect and save but try to see the logic.
      • Although separated, the person you are looking for may have been carried to safety by the surge. Children may have been scooped up and carried, others helped to escape, so if you are outside check there first.
      • The panicked and numbers on the move will lessen over time.
        So if you cannot find them outside, wait until a noticeable lull before trying to get back in. However there may be two problems there.
      • The first is Security.
        They may have been ordered to NOT let you back in.
        Personally I have no qualms about laying into someone on minimum wage preventing me from saving my own.
        Don’t stand there arguing, JUST ACT!
        Maximum aggression may be needed to make space then reenter.
        So if you aren’t willing to go that far, forget it.
      • The second is what you may be re-entering into.
        If an active shooter is still operating, you may just present to them as another target. Now it’s a judgment call.

        If you are absolutely certain your charges are within, now is the time for movement with care. Armed or not, you will be noticed as numbers dwindle simply because you are entering and not fleeing.
        I’m sorry to say that terrorists aren’t dressed the same so anyone you come across must be deemed hostile. Male, female, teen to child, it doesn’t matter. All can hurt you as terrorists or just those who are just trying to escape and see you as an aggressor.
        It’s going to put you in a position where if they attack, you may face killing innocents. (Not quite as clear cut as you first thought is it?). Yes you can disarm them (if you know how) but what if you find a genuine bad guy? Do you pop him or her? With the law, in the cold quiet safety of a court room, you could find yourself being accused of murder or (if you didn’t do your job right), assault with a deadly weapon.

        If you find your charge, will they be mobile?
        If they aren’t, or even worse never will be, what’s your plan?
        Grief swamps caution in the main and you still need to get out.
        If they need medical help, can you field dress them enough to move them? If you can’t, then you have to protect them until help arrives. Now we are talking about cover against attack or debris.
        Only what will you do if the air becomes toxic?
        Will you stay, scoop and run regardless of the effect, or just leave?


        Carrying out a corpse, no matter what you may feel, is a restriction on your movement. To put it bluntly the dead can afford to wait, you need to carry on, especially if others are depending on you.

Is that it?
Not exactly but maybe none of that happens and you manage to ‘escape’ from the scene. Only don’t think that now you are out of the scenario you were in, everything is over. There may be others hidden, waiting to attack. So do yourself a favor, never move in a straight line or in the open. Always choose and use cover wisely as you move until you are certain you are safe.

Safe however can be compromised from unexpected directions.
Sometimes your saviors may be less trained than you are and decide in their ‘red mist’ or ‘hyped up’ state of mind that you are the aggressor(s).

The watchwords now are CAUTION and COMPLIANCE

Do what you are told, slowly, clearly, open handed, and without complaint or hesitation. They may restrain you, cuff you, and put you on the ground. Never resist, they will react accordingly to resistance.

Remember, if you had to act aggressively, or are armed, you will have questions that need answering.
Real life law is nothing like the movies.
It’s dumb and ignorant and will judge your actions incorrectly, nine out of ten times. So be damn sure you don’t speak without legal representation apart from identifying yourself and, if accompanied, letting them vouch for you.
That’s because if death has happened, they will be looking for someone to blame.
It will never be the terrorist, criminal, or the insane person shooting everyone, but the easy target that is you.

And that’s it for now.
As always your comments are welcome.

Stacking B.S.

In case the world hasn’t noticed, our Christmas treat for this year is a General Election, brought on by . . . . BREXIT.

It’s going to be the usual mess of lies, politicians promises, outlandish plans, and character assassinations.
Sometimes I wish I could leave the word ‘character’ out but hey, the Untied Kingdom is a gun free state (unless you are a criminal) and a model of peacefulness, calm, polite discussion, and reasoned argument.

(Promise I’ll stop laughing at that one, eventually).

What it boils down to is this, and it’s nothing to do with BREXIT.

The nasty party (Tories aka Conservatives) want . . .
This is where it gets a bit blurry. I think they want to up the taxes for the poor, outlaw those poor, and destroy the NHS. Not bother fixing the roads, and won’t tax the rich. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, See Brexit though leaving us still under the control of the EU.

The Marxists (aka Labour) want . . .
Well actually all they want is to get into power!
Then they will destroy Brexit, borrow billions which will mean raising taxes, gift a house to the young (even though there aren’t any), flood the country with immigrants, reduce the working week to 3 days a week, pay everyone the same, scrap the armed forces, nationalize all industry, plant a wind turbine in everyone’s garden, taxing houses for having that garden, and ban fluffy toys! That and force schools to teach this song as part of their curriculum.

The working class can kiss my ar@e
I’ve got the foreman’s job at last.
I’m over paid but do not care and . . . .
I’ll keep the red flag flying here.

Catchy eh!
Meanwhile lets talk about the greens. Ah, the greens.
Ban all cars, close down heavy industry, do away with drugs, supermarkets, sugar, farming, commercial fishing, chicken farms, domestic gas, wood burning stoves, and like everyone else plonk a wind turbine in everyone’s garden, and fit solar panels to cars. Or was that houses? That and force all pets to become vegans. Or was that people. or both! Not forgetting cutting out all air travel and stopping ships running on fossil fuels from entering our ports. I think that’s about it. Unless you include dropping the power footprint of major cities. That might need a little bit of science though. Something on the lines of turning off all power generation and setting our land back to pre-industrial revolution times.

The Liberal Demo-rats.
Honestly I don’t know what they are about.
All I know is they will get into bed with anyone to share power as they are totally incapable of governing by themselves. There is however a degree of self destruction about them AND they have one hell of a track record of lying and stabbing their voters in the back, front, and anywhere else they can.

The Irish politicians.
Got to love them. Bung them a few quid and they’ll do anything you want them too. Well maybe not. The truth is they cannot be trusted unless you keep throwing money at them. LOADS OF MONEY! Meanwhile they will continue attacking our veterans in their courts. That and running their own domestic terrorist groups.

Who’s left? The Scots.
They want independence. To be more accurate, a few want it BUT what’s numbers got to do with it! They want to stay in the EU but if granted independence (which I would love to do), the EU don’t want them anyway. And who could blame them.
So they sit there, bitching about everything, raking in tons of welfare, when all we need to do is rebuild Hadrian’s wall, cut them completely out of our wills, and never give them a red cent ever again.

Rather like I’d like to do with the Irish where I’d gift them, lock, stock, and terrorists to Eire (Southern Ireland). Cut them off completely, and see who squeals the loudest out of the two.

There are others. Insignificant little butt wipes made up of failed politicians who just can’t take the hint to bow out gracefully and change their careers to something useful like road sweeping or burger flipping.

So, what is going to happen will be this.
Closer to the time, the media will pick a favorite and go all out to “educate the masses” into why they should vote for them. End result? The stupid will vote for them and probably the best of the bunch will be dropped in favor of the biggest lame brains and the worst possible scenario.

Why do that? If a poor government is installed, the media will have plenty to write about in the coming years. Call it job security if you like.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, how are we going to vote?
I suppose there are good points in every political group BUT with the last three years of turmoil, broken promises, betrayal of the peoples will, and the mess that someone calls the “democratic governance” aka parliament?
We, as a couple, have a favorite.
Only his name won’t ever appear on the ballot paper.
The why is the people will never get the option to start again with a completely new loads of monkeys. It’ll end up with the same faces, same shit, but on a different day. The only difference between who wins and rules will be the color of ties they wear.

So, who is this person we would like to vote for?

Evaluating what is important

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
Bit cryptic? Sort of.

SWMBO has had two run in’s with cancer and this one sort of took the wind out of our sails BIG TIME.
Once again we shared everything about this ‘event’. That included working with ‘medical professionals’ who seemed stunned that we-r-an-us, a twosome, book ends, so are both in this together!

This time I’ve also been actively involved in her treatment and post op regime.
That could make some a bit queasy but that’s never been a problem with me. Seen it, done it, lived it, felt it, so helping SWMBO didn’t even make me sweat.

After all you support your partner by being there, sharing, and doing.
Problem is I know some don’t for a myriad of reasons. Some by events, responsibilities, and personal reasons (from both sides) but I feel that’s a shame. If that sounds a bit judgmental, it’s not meant to be, only my view on things.

The great news is SWMBO heals faster then superglue dries.
It’s absolutely amazing! I stub my toe and it’s a week on sticks. She has major surgery and is walking around the next day. Problem for me is that because I’m under doctors orders to SLOW HER DOWN! Ever tried to slow the wind? Same thing, I try but a little bit always get past me! Still we have a VERY good friend who can persuade her to be ‘sort of” good. If only to stop me freaking out with worry!

And finally we know WE will come out of this little tilt (Mk.2).
To that end we are carrying on as normal.
That’s us being as scatty as ever, having fun, and not putting off till tomorrow what we would like to do today.

After all it’s our dream (and my life’s work) to grow old together, not on our own.

All that is wrong with the UK judicial system

Aidan James, from Merseyside, went to Iraq to fight against ISIS in 2017.
On his return, he was found guilty of training in weapons with the banned Marxist political organisation the PKK in Iraq.

BUT he was cleared of a second charge of attending a place of terror training with Kurdish YPG units, or ‘People’s Protection Units’, across the border in Syria. The court heard he was acquitted of the YPG charge because the group was working in defence of the Kurdish people against the threat of a lethal and ‘genocidal’ IS force, with British support.

So there you have it.
Get trained by someone on the UK’s shit list, then fight ISIS terrorists in the defense of the Kurds and this nations thanks is to jail you for four years.

Thus to save lives, any lives,  you should consider this:-
In the eyes of the UK legal system,  “No good deed goes unpunished”.