Introduce yourself

Every now and again I audit of my followers and cut out the one timers who have nothing to do with my interests.

Them and commercial sites.

I used to do that when I had another blog and built up a really good active follower base.  Active? They join in with discussion and feedback.

After all everyone has their own views or take on things, and some have skill sets way beyond the level I have.
So not only do I get to learn by absorbing their wisdom and practical advice, but so do other readers.

So, here’s what is going to happen to new followers.
Follow me if you want BUT introduce yourself on the menu item aptly named

Introduce Yourself.

But remember:-
No intro, and in the regular ‘dump the dross’ audits I will cancel your follow.
Thank you

Paul Gray

Long time followers don’t need intro themselves.
That’s why I call you old friends.


Go one, write something!

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