This page will list my notes regarding foraging for what you need.
Some will always think of foraging as looting and LEO’s may have the same opinion.
So be it BUT what’s the difference between looting and foraging?

  • Foraging (sometimes called scavenging) is searching for what you need to survive, exploiting natural resources i.e. berries, nuts, and “wild” meat, and anything else you can find.
  • Looting is different from foraging as it implies taking items of luxury or not necessary for survival goods such as precious metals, or other valuables.

Still don’t like it? OK.
So assuming you stop all foraging, explain the justification of letting  a group freeze to death, die of dehydration, starve to death,  be poisoned by CBRN products, or be murdered simply because they weren’t allowed to take what was needed to survive, or use whatever shelter they could find to keep themselves safe from violent events and people.

What, you think that a bit OTT?
In the Philippine disaster of 2013, the worlds media and that country’s government were quick to brand survivors as looters despite no water, food, shelter, or medical assistance.
When most of them were just was trying to survive.

This list is under development, Feb 2018

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