Could ‘Sri Lanka’ been stopped?

One of our media asks: “Could the bombings in Sri Lanka have been prevented? Government minister says ‘intelligence officers were aware’ of the possible suicide attacks 10 DAYS AGO but failed to warn police”.

That’s unlikely (or damn hard) as anyone who has worked in a guerrilla / discretionary war scenario will tell you.
It’s also damn hard to stop this sort of thing from happening even if you have the names and addresses and eyes on the bad guys 24/7 WAY BEFORE the event and are allowed to act prematurely especially if it doesn’t turn up munitions and only those with hate on their minds. Why so? Because someone else may step in, that’s how some terrorist cells work, one team go down, another steps in.

To that end you have to liken terrorism to a hydra.
Multiple heads all of which have to be killed at the same time (plus their puppies).
Because if you don’t, it will reemerge at a later date.

Even then, it’s often a major manpower, suffering from political interference, and can be a logistical nightmare for any security service.

If bombs being set off is the MO of someone, they will set them off where they want to when they want to as tight security can only continue for a limited time before the worse enemy of security (the general public, politics, and businesses) start to protest your anti-terrorism measures. In short, all they have to do is wait the security services out in the face of heightened tensions.

In this case they chose Easter, but there is also Christmas to consider.
In the West that’s a major trading time so politics and business considerations (let alone the general public) will argue about too much security in their pursuit of making and spending money.

Public and religious holidays and mass gatherings (concerts) are a nightmare for security operations with or without tip offs.

In the comfort of a news desk that’s sometimes not fully understood.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of the Congo –
A doctor fighting the Ebola outbreak for the WHO, was killed and another two injured during an attack on a hospital in the Central African country on Good Friday.

This demonstrates why helping some people is never a good idea. If it was me I’d pull the WHO out and let Ebola burn itself out.

My gift to them i.e.
“You shouldn’t help those who don’t want to be helped.

Why hold on to Northern Ireland?

SERIOUS RIOTS broke out on the streets of Londonderry, Northern Ireland last night after shots were fired and petrol bombs launched leading to the death of one woman, police confirmed.

DUP leader Arlene Foster has condemned the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old woman during the rioting which is now being treated as a terror attack by the police.

The IRA, and various other terrorist organizations still run around unfettered and supported by some of the local population who have known nothing but civil war their whole lives.

I’m sick to death about claims that it’s only a few rotten eggs.
I don’t care about the Good Friday agreement, cease fires, the destruction of weapons caches, and all the other political crap that went on to prove the terrorists groups were disarmed and had ‘turned peaceful’. It’s in their blood to riot, bomb, and kill.

Sinn Fein deputy leader Michelle O’Neill said in a statement: “I am shocked and saddened at the tragic news that a young woman has been shot dead by so-called dissidents in the Creggan estate tonight.

Wow, I’m impressed (not).
The October 2015 Assessment on Paramilitary Groups in Northern Ireland concluded that the Provisional IRA still existed “in a much reduced form”, and that some IRA members believed its Army Council oversaw both the IRA and Sinn Féin” (Wiki).

Bottom line?
The ‘dissident groups aka thugs and terrorists are still armed and still dangerous.

One of the hold ups to Brexit was Northern Ireland and their borders.
The other was Theresa May NOT wanting to split up the UK and give back Northern Ireland to Eire.

Why not? The Untied (not a typo) Kingdom is already split.
Only this particular piece of real estate can be likened to what has occurred around England and the UK government are doing nothing about. No go areas, terrorist breeding, radicalizing, and rich in dissidents.

Just give it away.
Chuck it in the bin, and erase it from”The Untied Kingdom.”
As for those ‘British’ living there? Welcome to a United Ireland.
The bad guys are known by someone yet they choose to support them as opposed to giving them up. As we may never know the extent of who supports the terrorist factions, best not take a chance and let a United Ireland sort its own mess out.

Which fool who voted for him again?

LABOUR MP David Lammy has defended himself after he was confronted by BBC Andrew Marr for his comparison between Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

It doe annoy me when people like him liken others to Nazi’s.
It smacks of Antifa and extreme leftist thinking.
However during the interview he did identify himself correctly but not fully.
He said he was an ethnic minority. Yep, agreed.
What he left out was what a lot of people think of him and that is not a lot.
Plus he is a one of the latest of outcast professions. A POS politician.

Libya (non PC)

It’s still a mess, even though it was ‘saved’ by the US, plus their ‘misguided and gullible’ friends. Then I read a snippet about the US ‘rendering aid’ again.

I was wondering when US-led NATO will once again go in and blow shit out of everything and NOT solve a thing (again). That and siding with “moderates”. Something that has never worked out from the word ‘money‘ whoops, I meant ‘go’.

Personally I hope they won’t.
Tribal in nature, Libya needs just one tribe to takeover power again.
That’s how the Middle East works.
The strongest rule and the weak just get on with it.
Rather like in Gaddafi days. Cruel but under control.
Anything less will just prolong the agony.

Incidentally I still subscribe to the notion that if Gaddafi hadn’t threatened the USD for oil transactions between Arab nations, he’d probably still be alive and Libya would still be under control.

Anyway, I’m not alone there with this thought train.
Only some like-minded do come from nations that can do no right.
Except when it comes to building bridges not walls,
Winning wars despite ‘help’,
Making friends as opposed to slating and threatening those of long-standing,
Trading freely without extortionate tariffs and sanctions,
And excelling in technical excellence for which the West has no answer.

I fancied a laugh

So I sat back and ran some of the YouTube video on US antifa protests.
Curiously NONE had adverts in them which suggests Google is pro-antifa.

I watched a good half hour of dribble and have come to the conclusion that ALL antifa are a waste of space and the restraint of the police in the US is admirable (if a little bit too restrained). There again with everyone wielding a camera or smart phone, maybe it’s a wise move.

That and the average antifa (I should type male but maybe not).
I say that because they always seem to push the women to the front to protect them.
Why would they do that, or it the average antifa drip just a pussy?
I also find it ‘quaint’ that their mummies dress them in all the same color before letting them out to play.

Anyway what did surprise me was Wiki.
They say:- Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) was a militant anti-fascist organisation, founded in the UK in 1985 by a wide range of anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations.  Well that would be about right time, only we called them “Ban The Bomb Babies” aka the BBB.

It also reminded me about protests we had years ago where I was stationed.
That time it was because of nuke weapons on UK soil.
Bit stupid really as there were none at that base but some of the fools blockaded at the main gate (funny how people’s brakes fail at the most inopportune time) “THUMP”, and they also started to hang ribbons on the wire, RIGHT WHERE we are testing out fire hoses. Middle of November (why I remember that was it was my birthday). 15 minutes of fire drills later, the soggy remains of the now hysterical protesters limped off. The other funny bit was the police said nothing as we warmed them up with mugs of tea in the gate house.

Our boss was furious. Not at us though.
He ran out of 35 mm film just before we soaked them.