Short break

You get a break from my scribbles.
Stick in a hospital bed since 19th.

Ho hum, if anyone young (under 40) is reading this,
Live fast, live hard, enjoy every second, because after a while bits fail!


A quitter threatens to quit.

Rory Stewart, one of the gang trying to get the PM’s job, is going to leave his cabinet position (giving our money away) if BOJO wins the PM’s job.

Good. The last thing BOJO needs is a load of quitters around him.
Only the media has found he was a Labour party member once, and quit, to join the Tory (Conservative) party. That and a TV program cornered him about being a Remain then suddenly changing to a Leaver as soon as the result was in.

Track record as a quitter?
Flips sides to keep his job?
If he doesn’t leave BOJO, fire him.
I would.

Mis-something Policing

A BRITISH Falklands veteran was spoken to by police for saying  “it’s time for a military coup to sort Brexit out” on Twitter.

However, the veteran said police classed his tweet as threats of violence against MPs and brought up the murder of Jo Cox, which took place three years ago, ahead of the 2016 EU referendum. (Express)

Aw come on.
You’ve got the BBC’s ‘B’ List comedian Jo Brand talking about using battery acid instead of milkshakes on politicians and she gets nothing while one solitary vet in Cumbria with a sense of humour gets ‘investigated’ for something totally impossible for him to achieve let alone the UK military!

Or is this an indication of just how worried the ‘establishment’ is about what will happen when they betray BREXIT. Meanwhile I read that police are ready to deploy 10,000 specially trained riot officers in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Martin Hewitt, chairman of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, has said. (Express)

Oh boy, they’ll be needed too.
Our little town has some absolutely terrifying grannies on mobility scooters who are ardent Leavers. Worse bit about it is the no.1 choice of a dog here is a Jack Russell! Riot police facing a snappy JR AND a granny?

My money’s on them!

Returning to Chernobyl, Scotland

I did a post on the French lunatics EDF wanting to reopen a faulty nuclear power station in Hunterston , Scotland (Link) and older notes here (Link).

Well I have just found the old 1986 map of what was detected around Europe in the way of fallout when Chernobyl went pop.
Now I would remind all you “it could never happen here” lot about the spread of Rads that Chernobyl managed to scatter. Can you see the UK?

If you look at central Ukraine and Belarus, they are in dark grey to black.
Curiously, combined, the hottest zones are only a little bigger than the UK.

Never play with fire, or fire enclosed by worn out fire bricks.
You could end up burned, only in this case that burning sensation could last for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Do I sound scared?
If yes that’s good.
Good because the BS of business and Gov Speak has little credibility because it gets so much wrong, most of the time. Incidently did I mention EDF is French owned? That alone got me worried enough to scribble.

Should you be scared?
Your choice but the orders in for potassium iodide. JIC, (just in case).
Us only 400 (plus change) km from Hunterston’s broken fire bricks.

Not what is but what I say it is

Pompeo said intelligence officials have “lots of data, lots of evidence” tying Iran to alleged attacks on two oil tankers traveling near the Strait of Hormuz, a transit route for Arab oil shipments to Asia. He gave no details.

Of course he wouldn’t give details.
Which smacks of he has none.
Still once again, whatever Pompeo represents (which is probably the US war machine industries), is probably frantically creating a dossier that will be eyes only, no copies, and the UK only be allowed to view the outside cover and NOT investigate for themselves what happened.

As for “President Trump has done everything he can to avoid war.
We don’t want war!”
That ranks about the same in USGov Speak as “I come in peace” or “I’m from the government and here to help you”.

After all Trump is ever hopeful for at least one victory he can put his name to.
Me thinking that everyone lost in Afghanistan (although that’s turning out to the the newest of “Never ending stories”). Syria was a big time embarrassment and Mexico is still one heck of a leaky border. He’ll not take on Venezuela (nothing there worth scavenging), and as for Russia?

The US and the world would lose BIG TIME if he starts scrapping with the Russian Bear and he knows it!

As for China? ROTFL, there is not a cat in hell’s chance of winning anything there!

Anyway, back to Iran.
I wonder how long it’ll take to get the aircraft carriers in place?
That and come up with an acceptable game plan which Saudi will accept?
Will Turkey join in? Um, intriguing.

Meanwhile we Brits are still on hold waiting for anything and everything.
From who is going to be the new PM,
To the final act of betrayal that will see the end of BREXIT.
Not forgetting whether Harry, Ms.Markle, and baby will emigrate to Africa.
All very important, life changing stuff I’m sure you would agree.

A new record for London, four in a weekend

Lawless? Possibly, but the rise (and rise) of bladed crime and murder never fails to make the headlines here.

To that end four more have been murdered.

  1. Sunday and Mohammed Nadir Dafallah, 18, and a 17-year-old boy have been charged with the murder. A good solid British name is Mohammed Nadir Dafallah.
  2. Two men, aged 33 and 28, were arrested for a Saturday stabbing. This time the police were all coy about naming them even though they are adults. Next question has got to be why?
  3. Six men – aged between 16 and 19 – have been arrested on suspicion of murder for Friday’s murder. No names again!
  4. Three boys – two aged 16 one 17 – have been arrested on suspicion of murder, along with a 17-year-old girl. Only this time the victim was shot.
  5. Not yet a statistic, another 40 year old is in a critical condition having been stabbed.

The murders are the 57th, 58th and 59th for the capital this year.
Going for a new record I guess as there were ONLY 132 murders in 2018.

Meanwhile Dick of the Yard (Met Police chief Cressida Dick) had been happily saying there had been a reduction in stabbings of under-25s after more stop and searches. Shame about that. She brags about her stop and searches and low and behold, there are 4 murders going on 5 over the weekend

Meanwhile Sadiq Khan is horrified and warned it could take a “decade” to turn back the tide of violent crime.

Let me see 120-150 a year for ten years? 1200-1500 bodies.
Sound good to you?
It doesn’t to me.

Still this is little Beirut whoops, London we are talking about.