Many moons ago

When I had hair!

I used to target shoot at Bisley on the long ranges, 900 and 1000 yards.
No telescopic sights then. Vernier iron sights as a ‘bolt on goodie’ on the venerable .303 Enfield #4 were in common use. Only my ‘borrowed’ weapon was the forces 7.62mm variant aka L42A1 issue which I used for services shooting, and that too had vernier sights.

While I was just happy to put all ten rounds SOMEWHERE on the target at those ranges, my mentor at that time had a dreamy wish.

He wanted to put all 10 rounds into the centre (the V Bull) of a 1000 yard target with his #4 Enfield. Scoring the magical 101 out of 100!
To give you an idea of how big a feat that is, the X mark (V Bull worth 10.1) on the targets we used was only 5 inches in diameter.

He’d got close on a number of times but never quite perfect.

Well he’s done just that.
Thing is he was ‘old’ when I knew him, so today he must be in his nineties.
Thus it’s taken him over 35 years and about a dozen barrels I’d guess!

Which brings me to:-
Congratulations ‘Brian T’ aka Shaky
(He’ll probably murder me for that one and hasn’t replied to my email)

And something that I wrote on the sidebar of my blog.
Disabled don’t mean incapable
To prove that, you run,
And I’ll try to shoot you.
I’ve no idea if he is disabled now but as he is in his nineties (and still shoots most weeks), he might just qualify as ‘mildly unfit for active service’.

So, out to 500 yards you ain’t too safe from me.
Out to 1000 yards, “Shaky” awaits you!

Meanwhile, them modern weapons.
What’s the current record in combat, 3.5 km plus change I think?
That’s just dandy and a credit to modern trigger fingers, CNC engineering, and 50 cal ammo.

However the Enfield #4 is not to be sneered at.
So my thought is:-
Could today’s military trigger shoot as well over 500 yards (that pencils in at a group of 2½ inches) using yesteryears technology and .303  ammunition, iron sights, and NO GLASS? Two point slings permitted, no rests.
Might be interesting to try that (if it hasn’t been done before).

If it has been done, please drop me the link, site, blog or whatever.


The hammer falls again.

Again, after two years, welfare writes to us changing everything and demanding a reassessment of my ‘health’.

This time it’s different, a new set of rules and criteria.
The last assessment was carried out by a proper doctor.
This time it will be a ‘health assessor. We know that’s a joke.
No one passes the assessment nowadays.
The blind are told they can see, the disabled they can run, and the dying are told there is little wrong with them.

With everything going wrong with health issues, plus our age against us, I suppose it was inevitable that this would happen now.

Thus prepping will take a prominent part of the preparation towards living on a very meagre fixed income from my service pension.

SWMBO has already been rotating stock.
More ‘as cheap as we can find‘ dry supplies will be bunkered.
I’ve done all the outstanding repairs I can.
Plans have been reviewed for even deeper frugal living.
The traps have been refurbished and snares re-twined in preparation.
Our garden is one heck of a worm farm so look out fishes.
The long line has been replaced after finding the old one with rust marks.

All this as we have 900 days before state pension age and my meagre service pension means we’ll have to choose between eat or heat again.
Luckily our life-line meds are covered for ever. Or, there again, maybe not.
UKGov rules change faster than politicians change their shorts.

Are we unhappy?
No, not yet, as we do seem to manage well when living frugally.
That’s something we grew into years ago and never quite managed to grow out of.

US v Iran

The US is “on the brink of war” with Iran, according to a shock admission from a leading American politician. The latest escalation in the threat of military conflict  comes just a day after US President Donald Trump approved the Pentagon’s plan to send 1,500 troops to the Middle East. This comes amid rising tensions  between the US and Iran, as American security officials look to counter the ”ongoing threat posed by Iranian forces”. (Express)

What, getting well dicked in Afghanistan isn’t enough to tell the US the obvious.
How’s about the mess you left in Libya and Iraq as two more examples.
The US all too rapidly jumps into war mode and then fails 100% of the time to deliver an ‘oppressed nation’ into a Nirvana of the West’s making.

Only this time they will be taking on the big boys and they have friends in high places i.e. Russia and Syria. They will also (once again) be fighting religion, at it’s source. How has that turned out for you so far?

US Losses (May they all RIP)
1833 in Afghanistan, 3836 Iraq, 16 fighting Deash in Iraq and Syria.
How many more of your best have to die to satisfy some political blood lust?

Me sat here thinking
Build bridges and make friends, and no more walls and hatred for America.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A reminder about personal security.
It’s the start of the tourist season and the towns will soon be filling with visitors.

Persons unknown to you, in large quantities will be trying to have a good time.

Unfortunately some towns have a drugs problem and a large number of drinking places. So there are multiple extra dangers to consider and the raising of your personal threat level should be considered.

Prudence also dictates limiting movement out of daylight hours, being accompanied wherever possible, wary of strangers, maintaining your personal space, and never to get hemmed in by others.

Do not forget the rise in violent crime and especially the rising use of bladed weapons.

The priorities being to maintain your personal space, use field expedient barriers in case of attack, ALWAYS GO LOUD, and exit as fast as you can from danger.

Paul Gray Survival

No, there is nothing to see, no photographs or graphics. It’s just something I do, always looking around me wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, taking it all in, and looking for what is out of place or could go wrong.

Although this isn’t profiling as such, that’s one of the many tools some use when assessing threat. Others include local knowledge and history, current affairs, reputation, hearsay even. Add the time of day, when in the year you go, and the weather, my head is swimming in practical issues about where I’m going to, coming from, and the actual transit.

Possibly the best example of how that works is found in (the late) Jeff Cooper ‘s ” Color Code “. A simple system where alertness of your surroundings (situational awareness) was broken down to four colors.

  • White
    You are relaxed and unaware of what is going on around you.

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Clint Eastwood on Twilight Years

If this was Eastwood, I agree with what he was saying.
If it was another, surprise surprise, I agree anyway.

Jeanne Foguth's Blog

My Twilight Years at 88.
 If you realize each day is a gift, you may be near my age.
As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end.
There will come a clear, cold morning when there isn’t any “more.”
No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat.

It seems to me that one of the important things to do before that morning comes,
is to let everyone of your family and friends know that you care for them
by finding simple ways to let them know your heartfelt beliefs and the guiding principles
of your life so they can always say, “He was my friend, and I know where he stood.” 

So, just in case I’m gone tomorrow, please know this:
I voted against that incompetent, lying, insincere, narcissistic, double-talking, socialist…

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Which is what SWMBO named her bird feeder thief of a field rat.
That and likening her visit to the Hotel California.
“You can check in any time, but you can never leave”!
Which isn’t exactly accurate because they usually do, in the wheelie bin.

Nice size for a common brown (aka farm, field, street, Norway, or wharf) rat.
15 inches nose to tail tip, female, of breeding age, and as she came back for more food within 5 minutes, probably feeding young.

Note the sexy Nitrile Gloves.
A must when handling rats.

It will remain like this until harvest time.
Only I must tell you a funny about ‘Him’ next door.
Apparently if he knew there were rats in the ‘hood he’d probably put his house on the market. When I heard that I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. After all in the UK, for every rat you see there are now an estimated 14 you don’t see in Urban areas.

If you live semi rural, that drops to 12 unless you are within a half mile of a farm when it increases to increases to 18. As we also live within 500 yards of a field drainage ditch, that increases the count we are seeing by 6.

Where the heck they get these (guesstimate) figures from escapes me but for us, potentially, that’s 20 fat rats for every one you see. Nice eh?

A while ago I said I’d post a piccy or two of rat snares I use, and tomorrow seems like the perfect day to do that.

Easter Year Two

Don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you makes good sense to me but its our second Easter here and, as the tourists invade, only one word seems to fit:-

Roll on the end of October.
That’s when we’ll get our town back again.

Meanwhile I’ve had some terrible news.
Our little gun shop is closing down after 16 years of trading.
That means a 34 mile round trip to the nearest one.
I’m not one for supplier loyalty as a rule but I prefer to buy from a person not a Branded or ‘Chain’ store. Even if I’m paying a little more.

Why so? It’s a matter of trust I suppose and rather like buying a car.
Buying cheap isn’t worth a spit if the after sales service is dire.

Are you like that?
Buying from a person with a good ‘rep’ and after trust has been built?
Or do you just buy the brand and hope for the best?

A couple of my friends are fiercely brand loyal but both have been burned a few times by their warranty failing to deliver.
Just as I had until I learned the value of trust.
After all it’s difficult to negotiate (argue) with a nameless online store and some manufacturers are ‘less than’ helpful at times.