I hate being right as it costs me money

For a while I noticed a change in pitch, or call it guts, as the starter motor cranked the engine. So I was thinking “Battery” and checked the connections to everything seeing as though the car is only 4½ years old. All tight, corrosion free, got to be the battery.
A quick check on the battery voltage and it read :- 12.4 volts.
That’s not good seeing as though we’d just been for a daylight ride and had nothing ancillary on.
So I looked up the chart (I was never was a  memory man) and found:-

Not bad, not great, so I thought I’ve got a little time before anything drastic happens so I’ll just carry on.

Only the car heard me think that.

Last night, and it’s colder than it has been recently and churn, churn, churn, pause, (repeated a lot),  and finally the solenoid on the starter motor didn’t even engage. Sigh.
I’d forgotten the golden rule of batteries.
Just because you’ve got the voltage doesn’t mean you’ve got the amps (Power)!
So, rocking the car a bit to wake the gear box up and free the clutch, and after a 5 minute time out for the battery to recover its breath, the car reluctantly groaned into life.
Thus I got to take SWMBO out to her match night and collect her later.
And off to bed we go.

This morning. Battery volts was 12.4 again. Groan.
I was expecting at least 12.5 maybe 12.6, but no.
Done deal. I knew the car mechanics and electrics was alright, thus a new battery was called for.
No messing about as winter might, may, soon to be, sort of, going to, kinda, maybe, hit within the next couple of days, weeks, months, this year, and when freezing you can lose 50% of your cranking power even with a good battery.

On the phone I go and there you go 2nd call, price about the same.
£7o inclusive of VAT (sales tax) fitted.

OUCH! the last car one we changed was only £48 inc Tax and our marine batteries with their massive 320 AH capacity were only £70.
Rip off UK or what!
Then it gets even worse.
If you TAKE OFF THE SALES TAX, that price drops substantially to £56.
Moan, moan, winge, winge, Hate government!

Bottom line?
The new battery was slotted in, and the car started like it had a pair again.
Reset clock, and start saving for a new battery in 4-5 years time.


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