An old movie worth watching

In 1971, Frederick Forsyth wrote his debut novel, The Day of the Jackal.
A professional trying to shoot the French President Charles de Gaulle for the OAS.
It was plausible realistic, methodical, and well deep in detail.

It also had me dreamily remembering France as ‘what was’, not ‘what is’ today.
Me traveling there on a British Visitors Passport I got from the Post Office.
Something that, if I remember right, was discontinued in 1995.

Anyway, back to the 1973 film. (Available on YouTube).
I love this film, always have, always will and it followed the book pretty well, but I still flinch a bit at the errors of judgement by the Chacal (Qui, je parle un peu français). SWMBO and me still discussing how things would have turned out if it had been successful in real life.

Anyway that’s me thinking about how target rich the political scene is today and wondering why ‘democratic’ elections are run at all when bumping off the political bad guys would be so much cheaper and quicker.

Incidentally the last UK Prime minster to be assassinated was Spencer Perceval in May 1812. Some 206 years and 6 months. Not that I’m counting! (much)