To the gun shop!

An Aladdin cave it is too.
I went to pick up some spares and usually I am in and out in minutes, but the browsing bug bit and for the first time I had a good look around the shelves and racks.My PCP is, to put it mildly, like me, ancient, but what was there had me muttering WOW!
Never a good thing as far as the wallet goes.
Except it wasn’t me I was thinking about.
Although I taught SWMBO to shoot, she never could relax enough.
That’s mainly because I’ve always found it difficult to ‘fit’ a gun to her frame.
So imagine my grin when I found not one, but TWO racks full of “shorter stocks’.
The other thing that really got me excited was how light everything has got.
My mainstay PCP (although to be fair it has a beech stock), weighs in at 8.7 lbs with the scope and moderator fitted. So it’s a bit of a brick.
At 5 lbs, including the scope and moderator, the one I was looking at was exactly right for the smaller frame and lighter build shooter.
I managed to persuade SWMBO to size the weapon to herself.
The butt plate was placed in the crook of her arm and could she get a good position on the grip and the trigger. OH,YES, perfect! BUT, I got that “not today look” so that was that.

If money was no object, and there were no stupid gun laws, there was a lovely Korean lever action, 9 shot, 145 ft lb PCP in 9mm. Good lines, weighs 9.5 pounds which is a full pound lighter than the ubiquitous AK47 with a full mag. Except probably a lot quieter with a SAKS moderator fitted on the spout (muzzle).Talk about droll.
But at £899 I think SWMBO would have brained me if I’d bought it.
I had shot the .32 version many years ago and it was fairly accurate at about 2 MOA.
What surprised me about it was the recoil. Yes, it had one!
That and the one I tried was not moderated so it was really, REALLY LOUD!

Then it was back home via boring things like shopping to painting gates.
See how domesticated I’ve become!


A classic example of the effects of no power.

Water shortages caused by a six-day power cut in Venezuelan citie./s hit the headlines earlier this month, but for many in the country, dry taps are nothing new.

The electrical outage affected pumps that deliver water to homes around the capital, Caracas. Some homes had no water for days. Families gathered up plastic bottles to fill them with hosepipes at public parks, and visited a mountain on the outskirts of the city to collect water.

Water keeps you alive, simple as that.
3 days without it and you’ll end up severely dehydrated and in some climates , on the way to death.

Last year was hot here, and our water consumption almost doubled as we refilled our water filter again and again trying to keep ourselves hydrated, but not poisoned, by the stuff that comes out of the taps.

The dry spell ran for 42 days.
That was 2 gallons for the ‘2 plus dog’ of us a day, or 84 gallons of water, 382 liters.
As an emergency stock “keep you alive” (2 liters a day each) supply we keep a month. 120 liters.

So where would we be getting water from if all the power grids went down and there was no rain?? It’s a problem we’ve to got to solve and I’m thinking of putting a  pipe down into the ground and see what turns up.
It’s looking like the water course is in chalk some 24 meters down.
I think that is unattainable by DIY drilling even with a water assist and  I already know there is one thick layer of clay soil to dig through just under our grass.


Google goes targeted advert mad.

I like to listen to music and YouTube (now well mucked up by Google), filled the “suggested subjects’ based on my viewing and listening habits with 60 music suggestions leaving just 4 about current affairs (but not news).

Only here’s the thing.
I hadn’t signed in, by mistake accessing it from Tor, have no cookies on my machine, everything identifiable is swept during close down, and it seems my viewing habits consisted of the first thing I looked at, music.

So whatever analyzed me filtered out anything important like links to news services around the world.

I interpret that as corporate censorship. What think you?

Today’s Radio show.

Jeremy Vine is the broadcaster and it’s a daily chat show.
He covers current events in the UK.

Today’s question was simple.
Seeing what is NOT going to happen on the 29th March this year because of the politicians. (Er, that would be BREXIT).
The question was (sort of),
“Do you feel embarrassed about being British because of what is not happening and how the whole thing has been handled?”

The hand was twitching over the mobile as I was torn between what to say that wouldn’t get me arrested!

  1. Dear Jeremy. Yes. (probably the only thing I could have said).
  2. Or, Yes and I’ve burnt my passport in protest.
  3. Or, not a lot, just mildly upset Jeremy (through tightly gritted teeth).
  4. Then there was Yes and SCREW ALL POLITICIANS. That was also discarded.
  5. I felt better after practicing a whole string of profanity, cussing, and screaming abuse down the phone, but somehow thought that might have been a little too much.
  6. Declaring that I’d like to blow the shit out of parliament was also rejected.

Only the more I thought about it the more I realized that my disgust was for all things NEW BRITISH and our farcical and corrupt ‘democratic system’ of governance.
For me this years prize for outcast profession is definitely POLITICIAN and I can’t wait for the next general election.

But then I calmed down enough to think clearly.
I am not British anymore as Britain (Great or not) is no more.
It ended when some lame arse politician gave up our sovereignty and plonked us into the  European Union. Only at that time it was called the Common Market.

As for then re-branding us as living in the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom and further declaring we are all Europeans!
Well there are still a majority ‘old school’ who long for the return of England, Scotland, and Wales. Back to what was and not the mess of what is.

The term British now really only belongs to those who become naturalized citizens.
Not born here, the immigrants, their offspring, and even their offspring, are ‘British’ in name only and form part of our problem.

Does that make me racist or even a nationalist?
Probably but a very even handed one. I dislike everyone not indigenous of this country.
Which means I’m perfectly OK with the Welsh, Scot, and Cornish. The other three proud parts of what was Great Britain. Whether they are OK with me? Like I care.

English-born, indigenous, Christian, and from good English stock.
I now live in a part of England where the majority still want independence from the European Union. Where the idea of lynching those lying bastard politicians still makes people smile.

Where we have our own flag.

The red cross is the Saint George’s Cross representing England.
(Something that apparently scares the hell out of the ‘foreigners’)
Yellow represents the crops grown in the county.
Blue represents both the sea of the East coast and the wide skies of Lincolnshire.
Green symbolizes the rich lushness of fen land fields.
The fleur de lys is a recognized symbol of the City of Lincoln.

Now all we need is a few hundred miles of border wire and we’ll be safe from the UK.
The ‘UNTIED’ (not a typo) Kingdom. As for being disgusted at being British.
Na, more like this reaction to being called British:-

Like Rats? I don’t.

CAUTION. Long article so stock up on tea and biscuits.

Them damn things are everywhere and we’ve had the black, brown and the weirdest of dappled thing which executed a perfect back flip tucked double somersault as it thought it could run along the fence at the end of the garden with immunity from prosecution but caught a 22 behind its ear.

I loath them but know that for every one you see, the experts guess that there are at least ten watching doesn’t exactly surprise me. Probably the worse thing for me is their ability to survive on stuff that would make a goat puke and that they thrive in disaster, let alone war. That and how easily they grow immune to rat bait (poison), although that is a direct result in not leaving the bait down long enough to kill all comers!

The health dangers they pose are well-known but how many prep for them?
Do you know how to trap them, how to drown them, what to do without poisons?
After all shooting them (although fun and deeply satisfying) is a waste of ammo and even with a 22, that ‘fun’ can led to unwanted attention.

I’m a fan of snare and dangle when it comes to austere trapping rats as it occasionally catches something edible and sort of safe. but what are you facing aka know your enemy.

Teeth that can chew though steel, carriers of disease which demand antibiotic treatments which means, in an austere scenario, exposure to their urine, waste (poo), oil from their fur, ticks and fleas they can carry, or by consuming ‘nibbled’ or contaminated food could be fatal.

An adult can weigh 1 to 2 pounds, and a body that can grow to 10-14 inches long excluding the tail. Having said that they can squeeze through the smallest of holes.
Why work easily in both the day and night.
Add something that is strongly Neophobic (an inbuilt fear of anything new) and trapping them ain’t easy.

This is no push over folks!

So what’s the common things to think about to discourage them?
One of the usual is to keep clean, uncluttered accommodation.
Keep your store rooms secure and contents in glass or steel bins.
Never leave food stuff just lying around.
Clean up and put away when preparing and cooking.
Wash raw or foraged foodstuff before preparation.
Eat then, not later, and clear away before carrying on your day.
Transport waste WAY AWAY from where you are living before going to sleep or when leaving your shelter for ANY length of time.
Difficult as it might seem, protect your water sources and storage.
That also includes washing bottles AND CANS before opening and drinking from them.

It’s said rats won’t attack you. WRONG!
Cornered, or you stationary for too long, or when asleep, and you are fair game to a rat.

First Aid When Bitten or Scratched.
Control the bleeding and clean the wound with soap and warm water.
Clean inside the wound, being sure to rinse away all the soap.
Cover the wound with a clean, dry dressing.
You can put antibiotic ointment on the wound before covering.
Rat bites often lead to infection.
If the injury is on a finger, remove all rings from the injured finger before it swells.
Watch for these signs of infection: Redness, Swelling, Localized Heat, and Weeping pus.
If infected think Antibiotics.

So what can you catch?

  • Streptobacillary rat bite fever.
    Symptoms usually occur 3-10 days after an infected rat bite.
    Muscle ache, vomiting, joint pain, headache, fever, and rash are common symptoms of .
  • Spirillary rat bite fever.
    Symptoms may occur one to three weeks after an infected rat bite.
    Repetitive fever, an ulcer at the site of the bite, swelling, swollen lymph nodes and rash.
  • Leptospirosis and Hantavirus. The saliva of rats carries these two.
  • Tetanus infections.
    Cause. From a scratch, bite, cut, or graze, and contact from anything dirty, which may be what a rat has been foraging through.
    Symptoms of tetanus appear anytime from a few days to several weeks.
    The average incubation is seven to 10 days
    Common symptoms include:
    Spasms and stiffness in your jaw muscles, Stiff neck and abdominal muscles, Difficulty swallowing, and Random pain.
  • Plague. From what it carries in the form of ticks and fleas.
    Bubonic Plague.
  • Sudden onset of fever and chills, Headache, Fatigue or malaise, Muscle aches. Visually – swollen and tender lymph nodes — called buboes — in the groin, armpits or neck.
    Septicemic plague occurs when plague bacteria multiply in your bloodstream.
    Symptoms: Fever and chills, Extreme weakness, Abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting.
    Bleeding from your mouth, nose or rectum, or under your skin. Shock!
    Blackening and death of tissue (gangrene) in your extremities, most common in fingers, toes and nose. BARRIER NURSING.
    Pneumonic plague affects the lungs and it’s airborne (droplet infectious).
    Signs and symptoms can begin within a few hours after infection.
    Difficulty breathing, Nausea and vomiting, High fever, Headache, Weakness, Chest pain, Cough, with bloody mucus (sputum). Respiratory failure and shock within two days of infection. FULL BARRIER, respirators, the works.
    Needs to be treated with antibiotics within a day after signs and symptoms first appear. Or it is likely to be fatal.

You’ll probably notice I haven’t listed treatments.
But you all have a copy of “Where there are no Doctors” to hand or an equivalent. Haven’t you?

So having scared you onto the toilet for a long sit, lets look at what rat ‘sign’ looks like.
They usually run along the same tracks leaving a telltale smear over time.
Their footprint is a four-toed front and five-toed back footprint.

Feet and that loathsome tail marks.
Tracks will have signs of gnawing along those tracks. (DIY Teeth Care)
Not forgetting rat scat and urine scent marking stains (Don’t sniff or touch!).
Scat is skinny pellets, usually about 10 mm long and 3 mm across but the size will vary.
Rounded tips. Fresh dark brown, but they get lighter with age.

PPE for rats.
Whoops, I meant what you should have when dealing with rats.
Gloves and HEAVY DUTY TYPE. Think welders grade, long wrist cuffs.
I also wear a pair of nitrile med.inspection gloves underneath as rat piss can soak through leather. Me, paranoid? You think!
A good quality FFP3 / N95 or N100 OIL RESISTANT mask.
Safety glasses, snug fitting wrap round.
When working in dusty conditions, contaminated material in the eyes is rather like mainlining bacteria into you.
BOOTS, rigger boots preferred. Steels with instep safety.
Why? Stepping on a nail could inject their ‘product’ into your foot.
Overalls, I use disposable hooded type. After all what’s a few dollars over your health.
I also tape the overalls to my boots and gloves. That’s not so much to stop the rats looking for nuts, but dust can reach you in a windy hazardous scenario.
A pair of tongs and a hammer handle.
NEVER pick up a rat, dead or alive with your hands.
They can be stunned by pellets or slugs and awake in your grasp.
They also twitch and can force-ably defecate and urinate in their death throes.
The hammer handle? A secondary wack on their head can save you from a stunned rat.
Lastly (but optional) Get your tetanus booster updated.

The only thing I haven’t talked about in-depth is trapping.
If you are a fortress type prepper, you’ll probably have traps as part of your inventory.
If you aren’t ‘home based’, you may have to improvise.
I’ll make a few traps up and photograph them. They all work although farm rats can get BIG!
If you cage trap, to kill them, DROWN THEM overnight. Only remember the water will be bio hazardous to you after their long soak.
If they are ‘trap dead’, burn the carcasses. Rats will eat rats.
Think of them like politicians and leave nothing for the next generation to feed off.

1300 words, whoops sorry, but they do present a clear and present danger to the survivor.

Bad day, worse night.

It all started when a couple of Ospreys (of the US mil type) flew over heading towards Donna Nook Ranges.

Anyway FEELING the heavy beat of two sets of heavy blades, I had started to get twitchy before I even saw the pair on formation.

Can’t you lot make anything that flies quietly? Jeez!

SWMBO was intrigued by them as she usually is with aircraft but I knew what was coming and I definitely wasn’t a happy bunny by then. Sure enough, half a dozen strafing runs later, way up the coast (thank you wind), and the 50 cal brrrrr was raising what hair I’ve still got off the back of my neck. SWMBO hadn’t heard a thing which is weird because she’s usually got ears like an owl. Then to cap it all the sods flew back over us.

I sort of knew why I was upset as being on the receiving end of 50 cal from (not so) friendly fire does tend to leave an impression. As for the heavy beat of rotors, that’s also not my favorite tune of all times.

Only after 30 plus years you would have thought I’d grown out of that by now.

And so to bed having been less than charming the whole day.
Luckily SWMBO knows these mood swings and why.
So she instinctively gives me the space I need when I need it.
Got to love a good keeper haven’t you.

Anyway, you know what it’s like watching YouTube when they are previewing films, snippet after snippet after snippet, until it all rolls into a confused mess? That was my night. Confusing, disjointed, and a mess of bad memories.

Add waking up to daylight (I thought).
So I get out of bed and draw the curtains to a well-lit yard.
Only its not the sun, it’s the Spring Moon. WTH!!!
The clock saying 2 am and way too much for me to cope with so back to bed I goes and I slip the headphones on to ‘Autumn Colors’ by Peder Helland.
Out in seconds I’d guess to awake 6 hours later on the rush to get out for an appointment. Only one tiny problem thereafter. I’m shattered before I even get started.

So a little lower next time boys.
The #60 slingshot and a handful of nice shiny 1/2 inch nuts will be in my pocket all ready for you. Look at it as payback for wrecking my karma.

Brexit forced upon us?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful and all it would take is just one European Union member country to not allow an extension to BREXIT DAY  29th March as our government runs around like headless chickens mucking everyone about.

Best bit about it is there are 27 who could make my day!

Austria Italy
Belgium Latvia
Bulgaria Lithuania
Croatia Luxembourg
Cyprus Malta
Czech Republic Netherlands
Denmark Poland
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Slovakia
Germany Slovenia
Greece Spain
Hungary Sweden

Surely someone in that list hates us more than we hate our government!
Or wants the EU to collapse sooner rather than later!
If there is, my money is on one of the Visgard states.
They at least still have the cohones to rebel against Mutti Merkel, France’s Macaroon,  and the other bottom feeders of the European Commission!
I believe Italy also isn’t too keen on the Euro machine.
Only please hurry up, the 29th is looming fast.