We’re sinking under the weight

Illegal immigrants in Britain soaring by 70,000 a year, a shock report warns. Migration Watch UK said its analysis points to a gross annual addition of nearly 105,000 visa over stayers, clandestine arrivals and failed asylum seekers

Oh look how racist! (And how politically correct of me).

Seriously though I don’t think their figures are accurate and probably well understated.
Our borders controls aren’t, our enforcement sees the illegal released to disappear into the other side in our nation on a daily basis, it’s just one sick joke.

On the port that I worked, provided they didn’t get off the ship, they were simply shipped back to where the ship came from. Usually in the brig or whatever came close!
Why that?
Those who were put into a cabin and treated ‘humanly’ usually wreaked it!
That also happened to those who were being “legally” deported.
The captains hated to transport them because crew injuries were common and damage the norm.

I’ve no doubt in my mind the problem is one caused by the government, the judiciary, and the system that handles them. Not forgetting the bleeding heart, mostly NIMBY type of fools or the deluded religious, and the  ‘young and dumb’.

Not welcome, not wanted, troublesome, a drain on resources, and no, I’ve absolutely no compassion for males of military age who have deserted their families looking for a new life without ‘the baggage’ they walked out on.

Refugees or asylum seekers is what they call themselves, economic migrants is what the rest are labelled by the politically correct, yet no one political calls them what they are:-

Illegals and in the main LIARS!


Can you fathom the man?

Trump slaps on $200 billion worth of tariffs (taxation) on Chinese goods with a threat.

China responds with just under $60 billion and they are carefully targeted to hurt America in it’s heartland, agriculture. Soybeans ($12.4 billion); Cereal ($1.3 billion); Fish and crustaceans ($1.2 billion); Beef, Pork, and other meats ($0.5 billion); Fruits and nuts ($0.5 billion); Dairy ($0.4 billion); and forage products ($0.4 billion).

That’s well canny them doing this.
To hurt a country hit the farmers and China have certainly done that.
So what happens now?
The last targeted attack saw Trump ‘buying’ support from those hit by paying them money to cover their loss in trade. Money from the ‘treasury’ that should have been used on more useful things. Money that just added to the US national debt.

Only once again , his weenies aren’t thinking this through.
Farmers can’t just turn a tap and lessen production, their goods need to be sold and, with the artificial hike in the Dollars worth, exporting the surplus isn’t a money earner anymore. Your product is just too expensive.

In the long term foreign buyers would have moved on to different more reasonable suppliers and, once established, won’t go back to buying US no matter what the discounts are.
The US government is getting a reputation of being too volatile to “deal with” and all the proof they need to make that assumption is in what is going to happen next.

Trump will have another melt down and slap on more tariffs only lets call them what they are, taxes on goods which will increase the cost of living in the US.
So now he’s hitting the little guy. Not that he gives a damn about them.

So who is the fool, Trump, the US, or China?

Ultimately, long term, the US business reputation is being hit and the US economy is heading for a crash. Why? Because if your currency gets too strong no one will buy your goods.
If other producers sell elsewhere and buy from others, what exactly is the point in you producing product in the first place when no one needs or can afford to buy it?

I predict lay offs, the cost of goods internally rising as internal producers just give up and you are FORCED to buy expensive imports.
Wages will have to rise for people to afford to life.
Demands for loans will sky rocket, and that is a short path to financial destruction.

America first it will be.
A big country with nothing anyone wants.
Least of all it’s “intervention” and it’s trading practices.

So those fools?
The US government and the idiots who believe Trump will win a global trade war.

Just my thoughts? Well actually some have already started to question what is going on.
The carefully glossed over results of his actions and plans. the things the US Gov DON’T want you to see.

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump unveiled a $4.4 trillion budget for next year that heralds an era of $1 trillion-plus federal deficits and — unlike the plan he released last year — never comes close to promising a balanced ledger even after 10 years. (Source)

One of many articles, not exactly main stream, but all singing the same song.
The US is approaching bankruptcy and I guess faster than it can print new FIAT money.

Role on Global Thermonuclear War.
Because that’s what I think it will take to sort out the mess one man’s ego has created.

UK political correctness gone stupid

A senior London Metropolitan police officer could face being sacked for using alleged racist language after telling colleagues they need to be “whiter than white” while carrying out inquiries – words of a racist or PC gone mad?

The detective superintendent, who works in the Met’s anti-corruption, faces the possibility of an internal investigation for gross misconduct for a phrase the Plain English Campaign characterizes as meaning “morally beyond reproach.”

Let me see.
Black Ops. They will have to stop.
Black Night. No more, a sunless or unlit night from now on!
Black Swan. Nope, it’s a monochrome swan.
Black Humor. Macabre jokes
Black Mood. Someone who is permanently depressed or angry.
Black Board. White chalk doesn’t show up well on anything else
Black Magic. A brand of Chocolates or Evil sometimes Satanic
Black Death. No more! It was a deadly epidemic which discolored the skin.
Black Friday. Cancelled forever!

You know I could keep going like this for ages without actually being racist.
There again you’ve got to be careful nowadays and thinking about:-

Friendly fire downs a Russian plane

Interestingly the media are mostly singing the same song.
The Israeli jets were making an attack in Syria and came under defensive fire.
Only before they attacked, the Russian military were told with just one minutes warning to clear the area. It is absurd to think a 4 prop reconnaissance aircraft could have cleared the skies within that time frame.

Anyway it ended up with 14 dead as the Russian reconnaissance aircraft was downed by that defensive fire.

Whose fault?
Who started chucking munitions around first? That would be the Israelis.
Why didn’t they give the Russian commanders more notice to clear the skies above the attack?
I’d like to think it was an oversight BUT arrogance is their way so I’m not so sure.
Actually I am sure.
They didn’t bother and wouldn’t have said anything until they came under fire.

To that end I’ve got a snippet of Russian comment.
“The Israeli pilots were using the Russian aircraft as a shield and pushed it into the line of fire of the Syrian defence,” ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement on Tuesday. Funny thing is I can well believe that.

What now?
Turkey’s act of shooting down a plane didn’t provoke much of a reaction.
Various attacks on Syrian and Russian Forces by the US-led coalition the same.
So right now, what happens next is unclear.

It does however remind me of what I was told years ago.
‘All fire is unfriendly if it hits you’.

Not forgetting:-
‘When friendly’s say they are covering your back.
It is a wise man who waits for them to pass’.

A folk hero just died

In June 1991 Albert Dryden shot dead a council officer in front of the media.
His council (local authority) had come to demolish his bungalow which had no planning permission. He fought back and with a .455 Webley shot the jobsworth officer with two in the chest, and then shot a policeman in the backside.

He was released from prison last year and subsequently put into a care home after having a stroke but died shortly afterwards.

It was the classic little guy fighting the system. Only he had the balls to do what many just think of doing to jobsworth, over officious, local council “officers” with their hatred for the little people in life.

Do I think he was right in his actions?
I suppose it boils down to your point of view.
He killed a man, that is true. Did it solve anything, no.
His house was destroyed anyway.
Was he justified?
What possible harm was he doing except upset the archaic system which still exists in the UK. Something that can destroy a persons dream on a whim or because they aren’t important enough or rich enough to stand up to them. A system that waited until Albert had almost finished the building work, nibbling away at him in courts, before coming to destroy his home.

So yes I think he was justified in reacting especially as he gave repeated warnings, on camera, at the time, that he would defend his home.

It reminds me of an old saying.
Beware the man who has lost everything because he has nothing else to lose and will show no restraint.

RIP Albert.

Trump v China Trade War

It’s getting worse.

A 10 percent tariff will be implemented on $200billion (£152billion) worth of Chinese goods on September 24, rising to 25 percent at the start of 2019, according to the US leader.

President Trump warned he will immediately implement tariffs on $267billion (£203billion) of Chinese goods if China responds with retaliatory tariffs.

I can imagine China will be losing it’s patience with this fool.
Why they don’t simply pull the plug and put a complete ban on US goods and stop selling to the US amazes me. OK they will take a hit but with the loss of sales in America AND the elections due all too soon, it might be worth it to depose this peacock once and for all.

I was reading a news article about the reduction in employed in the US.
Only it didn’t quite seem right. On further checking I find that the drop has been caused by a third of a million people simply giving up on seeking employment AND, like in the UK,  full time jobs are reducing with more people being forced to take part time work. That and the zero hours contracts where you work when they want you and you only get paid for that time.

“The real unemployment rate (U-6) is a broader definition of unemployment than the official unemployment rate (U-3). In August 2018, it was 7.4 percent.”(Source)
The same source noting the rise and rise of the part time under employed worker.

Like in the UK it’s not the truth that matters to government, it’s the way the figures are presented that keeps the sheeple compliant.
Only those same figures make the interested flinch at the lies.

Only that goes further.
The national debt is on steep climb aka the US is further in debt.
So what happens if things start to go pear shaped?
I think I know, the US Gov will simply up their debt ceiling.
We call that ‘kicking the can down the road’, or leave it long enough it will become someone else’s problem.

So is an economy good when it owes loads of money?
In the world of bankers YES as debt generates wealth for them.
Right up till the debtor fails to meet their obligations.
After all they can hardly take a bankrupt government to court and hope to keep on trading whether they win or not.

I reckon the US will take a fall, a big on.
The only question being “when”.

This is what happens when you scare the sheeple too much

That and a tabloid press having a slow news day.
A couple fell ill in a Salisbury restaurant last night with symptoms similar to novichok poisoning, sparking panic among diners who were kept in isolation for hours by police who were unsure of the severity of the incident. The all-clear was given in the early hours of this morning as experts determined the nerve agent was not present – but the cordon remained in place at Prezzo, the restaurant at the centre of the drama, as officers continued working to see if a crime had been committed there. It was still unclear what had caused the two diners – a man in his 40s and woman in her 30s – to fall ill.

Four things could have happened here.

  1. They got the bill and fell ill with shock.
    Having eaten in Salisbury, I can fully believe that.
  2. It was a scam to get out of paying.
    I can fully believe that one too.
  3. The guy had a medical condition.
  4. Food poisoning.

Because of the fear that has been built up by the MEDIA, POLICE, and GOVERNMENT. Salisbury is going to slip into financial disaster even faster now following the two previous incidents, the Skripal’s, and the two junkies.

After all all it takes is doubt and a bad reputation to keep tourists let alone locals away.

Want the truth?
Witnesses to last night’s drama told how a female diner was ‘hysterical’ after discovering her dining partner had collapsed in the Italian restaurant’s toilets and was suffering a fit.

Only where exactly does Novichok symptoms state that going into hysterics is a symptom? Sigh, yet another prime example of OTT reaction by the local police.

Personally I think Salisbury should sue the police and Theresa May for ‘deformation’ of their city. That should cover this years losses.