I’m getting madder everyday

Now our new PM is keen on raising the state pension age, and I’m remembering why the right for citizens to keep and bear arms is so necessary to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic (whoops) politicians.

Consider this, my state pension will work out at around £125 a week or about £6500 a year.

BOJO as PM will get £150k a year.
Take that and divide it by my tiny £6500 and that would last me 23 years. I won’t even use HALF of that to reach the official life expectancy age of 74 so TWO people would benefit if BOJO was removed.

But does it have to be the top dog that goes? Not necessarily.
One of those ‘B list’ gibbering MP’s earns £79,468 basic.
Divided by my £6500 and that would last me 12 years.
Yep, that’ll do me nicely.

Now I know wages change with responsibility but there are 650 MP’s.
Times that by £79,468 basic and you get a whopping £51,654,200 released for the care and welfare of pensioners.

That and a safer, calmer, and more financially secure country.


When pettiness becomes an issue.

The Prime Minister’s girlfriend went with her friend Nimco Ali, a campaigner against female genital mutilation, to Somaliland. During their trip, they met the self-declared Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi to discuss women’s issues and sea pollution. [Apparently] the UK is among a handful of nations who have diplomatic relations with Somaliland, which broke away from neighbouring Somalia in 1991. But crucially, the US – which backs Somalia – does not.  (Source Article DM)

Oh look, another farce by the USGov.
So I ask, “What exactly is the demonstrable threat from letting the future Mrs. BOJO into the US?”

Is she a known terrorist, or have a criminal record?
How’s about an international arms dealer, or a Russian, Chinese, or DPRK spy?

I wonder what would happen if BOJO and Carrie married and he was invited across the pond for a meet and greet at the White House. To bar his wife (let alone his common law partner as they are doing now) would send, and is sending, a powerful message about the stupidity of talking about the mythical  ‘special relationship ‘.

Sometimes the USGov get things soooooo wrong with their B.S. “Policies”.
Only this one could escalate into a major diplomatic issue in the blink of the eye.

That’s good! If it happens.

A No Deal Brexit will mean freedom of movement is ended instantly, the Government vowed yesterday. Rules giving EU citizens the right to enter the UK to live, work or study will be scrapped on October 31. Stricter rules will be introduced to make it easier to keep out EU criminals, extremists or other troublemakers from coming into the country, Downing Street said. (DM).OK, that’s what is needed, wanted, and highly desirable to us “Little Englanders” who want nothing to do with the EU’s freedom of movement rubbish.

Let alone the EU!

As for the other troublemakers bit?
Where to start? Any of the ex-USSR countries have provided some.
Any of the ‘fugees who was given an EU passport, a new nationality, and told to get lost by their adopted host. The African continent or Middle East regions contained more than a few rotten apples.

Add the French as they seem to hate us by default, the Germans because they screwed Greece among other things historical and current. Belgium purely because they host the EU. Not forgetting Ireland, both ends, the North because they keep on attacking our vets, the South because of their constant whining about “a backstop”, and anywhere else that is using the EU “free movement crapola” to invade us.

Oh Yeah! Really appealing is this decision.

If it does, then all we need is a little bit of mission creep to encompass the incoming and domestic extremists plus the jihad loving, dope selling, child abusing, people smuggling, knife wielding, terrorist and foreign criminal element, and Jolly old England can get happy again, and a lot safer!

BBC Force-feeding an agenda

And an UPCHUCK Moment

A gay wedding was broadcast for the first time on Songs of Praise yesterday.
At the Rutherglen United Reformed Church, near Glasgow. In one of the few UK Christian denominations to allow same-sex marriage.

These ‘services ‘ are currently banned by the Church of England and the Church in Wales. Being old school (or it is just old?), I think they are right to do so. Unfortunately there are plenty of weird churches and faiths worldwide that push homosexuality and other things that some would find way worse than what is deemed ‘acceptable ‘ by Christian folk, let alone ‘polite society’.

Still, this highlights the true nature of the BBC and their ‘push the LGBT (whatever) agenda ‘ at every opportunity, or anything that will upset the conventional minded in the world. Sort of gets you wondering what they will get up to next. Maybe start broadcasting hard porn or how to do drugs safely. ‘Purely for educational purposes ‘, BUT there will be a huge banner warning that under 5’s may find content offensive or confusing if they have not identified with one particular gender.

I’m pretty sure the BBC will take a dim view of the child’s human rights being broken, blame the parents, and demand that they be reported to the Gender Reassignment Police.

One thing I’m pretty sure about is they won’t be broadcasting stuff that terrorists would find interesting. Like bomb making, expedient weapons, kitchen table chemical weapons and the manufacture of biological agents. 1001 ways to operate covertly, the use of itinerant communications and computers without detection, how to smuggle in guns, ammo, and drugs.

There again, this is the BBC we’re talking about. A politically mixed, gender confused, multicultural and religiously tolerant group led by the very rich and totally weird.

I present to you,
The British Broadcasting Corporation.
AKA British Brainwashing Corporation
AKA Bloated, Biased, and Costly
AKA British Broadcasting Crap
AKA Bumper 2 Bumper Crap
Not that I’m biased.
(Well maybe a little!)

No pension, just die in poverty

HARDWORKING Britons could be forced to graft until they are 75-years-old after the Government refused to rule out implementing the findings of a leading Tory think-tank to raise the state pension age today.

Which is just dandy as the life expectancy of a male in my part of the country is 74.

They don’t call this area God’s Waiting Room for nuffing!

Reason? We live in a semi rural, deprived area where everything is run down or broke! Transport links like the roads are poor, and the water needs filtering out of the mains tap! Medical services are shite, and as for cancer care? Don’t go there.

Further education doesn’t happen, and work prospects are practically non existent locally outside of seasonal work where long hours and poor pay (cash in hand) are the norm.

Unemployment in youngsters is higher than the national average, as is youth crime, as more of the little darlings turn to snow, skag, grass, syn-whatever, and spice type drugs.

That and suicide rates are higher than the national average.

The only good news is our house is worth £10,000 more than what we paid for it.
Which is still 10-20% lower than the national average so we’re stuck here as to sell up would leave us with a only small pile of money to buy a different hovel.

However, on a positive note,  we could go back onto the water.  🙂  🙂

So, whose fault is it?
That dipstick of a failed army officer and outcast politician, Duncan Smith.
He with blood on his hands following his welfare reforms that are still killing so many it’s approaching the numbers deemed as genocide levels by the UN.

Right now I’m also thinking “Sod the marine”.
He had his opportunity for greatness and didn’t turn up!
That and if you want something done right:-


Why through his pie hole? Because I don’t want to take the chance that it would bounce off his thick head and hurt someone else! That and aiming center mass would just hit hot air!

Nora Quoirin The story.

Lost in the Malaysian jungle, a young disabled girl was found dead only 1.6 miles (2.6km) from the hotel she was staying in. (Link)
A sad thing to happen to anyone let alone a vulnerable, special needs 15 year old child. The police force believe teenager Nora had died two or three days before she was found.

They have carried out an autopsy and said:-
“The cause of death was upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to duodenal ulcer, complicated with perforation… it could be due to a lack of food for a long period of time and due to prolonged stress.”

OK I’ll go along with that and a cause of that bleeding could have been as simple as Nora sipping water from a stream. A really bad dose of diarrhea and the subsequent strain on the gut is perfectly capable or rupturing an already weakened digestive tract. After that, it’s just a question of time, sometimes despite rapid medical intervention.

What has annoyed me was UK media and one particular question.
“Nora Quoirin tragedy: How long can a person survive without food or water?”

Talk about ‘not getting it’.
How long a FIT person without an underlying health problem, even with survival knowledge, is a problem with all sorts of factors to consider. In Nora’s case, she also had underlying health issues with her digestive system. So Nora, probably desperate for water, possibly drank from an untreated water source. Something that could screw up a FIT PERSON’s digestive tract in hours let along this child.

Regular readers will also know I work by the survival rules of three.
Two of which are “You can survive for:-

  • Three days without safe drinking water and
  • Three weeks without food.

Something that the media did talk about.
Except those rules are for a fit person with no health issues and can  cleanse and purify both water and food before consuming anything!

No. It’s a shame it happened but the media report lacks in all sorts of ways.

Except now an element of doubt has been introduced by a search team. (Link)
I’ve got a funny idea this is not going to end well and FAR BEYOND the tragic loss of the child Nora. By that I mean it’ll probably turn all ‘international politics ‘ as in France verses the Malaysian police force who were involved.

An ex-spurt speaks

This is about the 15 year old ‘special needs’ girl Nora Quoirin who died in the Malaysian jungle

Nora ‘DID NOT get to waterfall by herself’: Malaysian search team expert claims it would have been ‘impossible’ for 15-year-old to reach ravine where she was found starved to death.

Disorientated, alone, desperate to find ‘home’, probably in great pain, there is an inner strength in everyone that many never see and even the person concerned has no idea they have it.

For that I cite a landmine victim who had crawled for 8 km across hilly country missing a lower limb having tight tied a cloth belt just under her knee which happily slowed the blood loss to a trickle. Different age, in her 80’s. She was a mess, leg and arms shredded by surface abrasions, and blast injuries. 8 clicks.

A young woman who had been shot in the face after being beaten and raped.
Not so far, only 5 clicks. Seeing her way with her one working eye which was to end up permanently damaged.

Sometimes people only see the disablement, but not the person beneath.
They categorize people against what they can do and not what others can draw out of themselves to perform ‘beyond belief ‘ actions.

I’m not however saying that everything is cut and dried here.
There are questions in every tragedy which occasionally go unanswered.
If she was abducted then someone needs to pay big time.
Only I’ve learned from experience that you should NEVER underestimate a person operating way out of their comfort zone in extraordinary circumstances.