US leaves the UN

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it was withdrawing the U.Sfrom the United Nations Human Rights Council, with U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley calling the 47-member council “a protector of human rights abusers, and a cesspool of political bias.”

I think I know why.
The “zero tolerance” approach has drawn criticism from those on both sides of the political spectrum, including from the UN human rights office, which said the practice “amounts to arbitrary and unlawful interference in family life, and is a serious violation of the rights of a child”. 

That and the US Attorney General, Sessions, using the Bible to justify detaining children separately from their parents.

Christian values separates young children from their mothers?
That’s got to be found in the newest version of the Bible,
The religion according to TRUMP in the Book of Sessions.

There is however a good thing that may come from them leaving the UN HRC.
The US may not get it’s little “incursions” for humanitarian reasons rubber stamped in the future. Peace in our times? It may ‘just’ become a reality.


America screwing the world (again)?

Fears of a trade war are growing as president Trump pledges fresh measures against Chinese imports; Beijing calls it ‘blackmail’. Trump threatening to impose 10% tariff on $200 bn Chinese imports.

Idiot school 101 begins.
If you do stupid things, then people will react negatively to what you are doing.
If you say stupid things, then people will remember that for many years to come.

As Time put it:-
But here’s one real-world effect of tariffs that’s clear: Tariffs don’t just keep foreign companies from bringing foreign products into the U.S. They also keep U.S. manufacturers from bringing in parts they need to build stuff.

So if you were to start reading the trade press and SOHO business comments, it isn’t looking good for the little guy. Only is that really Trump’s focus of concern? The little guy I mean.
I seriously doubt that.

Already it’s costing more to produce goods as the cost of raw materials has risen.
Farmers and other food manufacturers needing chemicals and machinery, metal fabricators and component manufacturing needing metals, and one that caught my eye, soya production.
Big money was that to middle America with it’s huge farms but it’s cheaper for foreign countries to buy direct from places like Argentina, China, and Russia now.
SMACK! did that hurt? No? OK try this,.
Trumps tariffs are GIVING MONEY to Russia and China let alone your other competitors!
I find that kinda funny.

Then there are the counter tariffs. That’s you selling stuff.
Made in the US now comes expensive.
Is what the US makes better than everyone else?
Occasionally but it’s a basic business law of modern times that people aren’t manufacturer loyal any more. Not now the Internet gives you so much choice.

So buying decisions (individual to corporate) are based more on how much it costs to buy, feed, and MAINTAIN.
Maintain? Now we’re talking spares, the quiet but essential side of big name manufacturing.
As the cost of them rises, the throw away society will simply swap allegiance to a cheaper ‘look alike’ product.

How long does that take?
How long is it before failure equals beyond economical repair?
Problem is, once ditched, buyers seldom go back to what was, they simply move on.

And finally the Dollar.
Ouch! The stock markets around the world shuddered!
His outbursts are destroying confidence in the US and it’s beginning to show as the dollar (plus the debt anyone bought) is being DUMPED by other countries as fast as they can.
Iran has moved to an oil for goods trade, India and Pakistan are doing their own thing, Russia and China are already dealing in Yuan and Roubles, the Swiss central bank can now trade in Yuan or Renimbi. I read a total of 23 countries are either trading in local currencies now or using the other ‘mainline currencies’.

Be happy today because tomorrow Trump may do something REALLY STUPID.
I thought Obama was anti America and Pro Muslim but Trump is just running amok.
Destroying years of trust, diplomacy, and friendship.

America First? More like America Alone.

Look who’s been spouting nonsense again.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has told terrorists “you will never succeed” on the one year anniversary of the Finsbury Park attack.

Of course they will, and it will be on his watch.
After all did he not say ‘he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city” and there have already been a few in his city.

He saying in 2016. “I am the West, I am a Londoner, I’m British, I’m of Islamic faith, Asian origin, Pakistan heritage.

Where crime is spiralling out of control and there are more terrorists, IS jihadi,  radicals, and ‘non indigenous’ freely walking around than anywhere else in the UK.

Sadiq Khan runs it and no matter who he blames for his inept management, the buck needs to stop with him. Perhaps it’s time to hold him to account in the courts.

When our betters ‘b’uck the people

The government has again been defeated in the Lords over giving MPs a “meaningful vote” on the final Brexit deal. Peers (House of Lords) backed an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill by 354 to 235, a majority of 119.

The effing House of Lords again. Our betters apparently.
I’m sick to death with the UK’s parliament.
Some 17.4 million voted to leave the European Union in 2016.
Yet 780 “Lords” and 650 “MP’s” , 1430 in total, bicker like school children basically ignoring the will of the people.

In numbers terms that 12167 of us voters to everyone of them.

I don’t even care if they want Brexit or not, the people’s vote was clear.
The majority, 17.4 Million, wanted out and our betters are building up to denying our will.

Now someone might be thinking that not all want to remain in the European Union and AGREE with BREXIT. Nope, I think that argument is a load of bollocks.

The political mind changes at the same frequency some of them change their shorts.
Some minds even faster if promised the world (or a pay rise)!
So I think it’s safer if they are ALL removed from public office.

How that is achieved I don’t really care at this moment.
One thing is certain, “The marine” would be hard pushed to get a satisfactory result and might need some help.

NHS to get more money!

20 Billion if you read the headlines which sounds great!
Our health service will be pleased. Not fixed, just pleased.

Until you read the small print.
The bit where it says there will be tax rises to cover it.
The saying is you can’t get blood out of a stone.
Problem is the UK government keeps trying.

I can save 20 billion a year by simply chucking out all the illegals, foreign criminals, those waiting for a home office decision of whether they can stay (let them wait in their homelands not here), and them Muslim jihad fighters who were let back into the UK, together with their families. Most of them are probably claiming some sort of welfare.
I can do more by stopping NHS tourism.
Them coming on holiday then declaring a medical emergency or dropping their offspring here and taking up resources and beds badly needed by us indigenous citizens.

Slashing the top heavy management in the NHS also comes to mind.
That and holding back funding on GP’s who are failing their patients on a daily basis.
That would save millions too.

I could go on but what’s the point.
We’ve got to see the detail first then work out what else we will have to cut back on.


Headline got it’s words wrong

Man caught on CCTV ripping cross off woman’s front door while delivering curry.

It should have read ANIMAL  caught on CCTV ripping cross off woman’s front door while delivering curry.

Georgia Savva, 48, had just been about to leave for work on Tuesday when she noticed the Palm Sunday cross that had been on display by her front door for years had been torn into pieces and left scattered on her doormat.

She was left shocked when the footage revealed the creepy truth – that their supposedly ‘friendly local Indian takeaway’ house’s delivery driver had grabbed it from the wall and ripped it in half, before chucking it to the ground.

I wonder, was he just being an ars’hole, a ‘devout’ Muslim, or whatever?

Romna Gate Tandoori, Southgate, North London.
You just got yourself some really bad press.
The action of one of your employees making the National Press.
People won’t forget.

Banks closing everywhere and now this

Debit card payments have overtaken cash as the most popular form of payment in the UK for the first time, according to banking industry figures.

It’s sort of obvious really.
With banks closing branches as fast as they can, people prefer to use their plastic in shops to pay and get money in their hands via ‘Cash Back’.

I think I can see where this is going.
The UK government and banking system has an obsession with the thought of going cashless.
They claiming that a lot of people ‘prefer’ to use internet banking than drive to the nearest branch. Thus they are closing little banks leaving the locals and their businesses in disarray. They are forcing a situation where trade and business prefers to use cards.

The concept of cashless will never work, especially in towns where they rely on tourism.
WHAT IT WOULD MEAN is the government would have better control over us and our finances. After all, they hate cash as it’s impossible to track and for them, harder to tax.

More insidiously it would allow them to track what welfare claimants are using their money on.
Yep, I’m talking a scenario where you buying a coffee each day means you have too much free time and surplus income. Thus they may use that as a reason to cut back what you get. It also tracks your movements. Say you are housebound. If your card is used everyday in the local shops, that may ‘suggest’ you go out a lot. Get where I’m going here?

Sound a bit draconian and sneaky?
I suppose I see it as one of the ‘rules of life’ from the UK government.
It’s best to keep everyone scared of the power and reach of government.
That way they remain compliant, non complaining, and subservient.

Long live the revolution eh?
Only I wish to hell people would stop just talking about it and actually DO SOMETHING!