Like I care about climate change.

6000 Protesters, including families and pensioners, began massing on five of London’s main bridges from 10am on Saturday. An hour later, all the crossings had been blocked in one of the biggest acts of peaceful civil disobedience in the UK in decades.

They want the UK to be “Carbon Zero” by 2025.
As if that is going to stop global warming.

In my life I’ve seen Ban the bomb, hug the planet, save the whales, and all kinds of other B.S. anarchists and environmental terrorists at play which has actually achieved nothing environmentally as the biggest polluters in the world just carry on regardless.

BUT NOW I’ve got a vested interest in keeping us carbon polluting”.
Its called old age, no dependents to worry about, living on the bread line, and a zero tolerance to dreamers, fools, and snowdrops as all these ‘initiatives ever do is increase our cost of living!

Our nations electricity system is on a knife-edge.
There simply isn’t enough spare capacity to supply all these dreamy idiots if just one main line producer goes down in the middle of winter. Add the loss of one of the many undersea power cables from Europe and it won’t be brown out time, it’ll end up dinner by candlelight, EVERY NIGHT!
We have insufficient gas production let alone bulk storage, cock all fuel reserves, no coal now the fools in charge did what they were told to do by the EU dictators while their own EU states just ignored the B.S. and carried on burning coal in their power stations.
As for imported LPG?
Each tanker lasts a week, and that’s only if it supplies power generation, and costs twice as much as natural gas ever did.

Carbon zero also means that manufacturing will have to pay more to produce whatever, more to transport whatever, and all those costs will carry on down the food chain to us of the current getting older generation.

Which brings me neatly into talking about the old fools who are actually protesting about the mess their generation inflicted on our planet! To them I sayWell done idiots, you’ve finally reached your second childhood with senility just around the corner!

And for what purpose is all this brouhaha?
So some pathetic tosser of the hug the planet, ANTIFA, anti everything crowd’, (who is probably one of them junkie millennial university snowdrop dropouts) can cycle their way to and from the welfare office on bike rims as tires need to be banned as they aren’t made by an environmentally friendly industry!

Then, once they get their free welfare hand outs, they will have no choice but to drink their latte coffee made from locally grown acorns as ships that burn oil while transporting coffee beans won’t be allowed into the UK!

It all just makes me want to drive around with a pick axe handle handy to help reeducate them when they try to block my ‘freedom of movement’!

Thus I’ve decided to bring forward my plans to get that multi-fuel stove fitted and I’m sure I can find something REALLY polluting to use as fuel.

Something really, REALLY, environmentally obscene like WOOD!

I’ve always said I can starve anywhere but would prefer to do so where it was warm.
So my message to global warming is BRING IT ON and be quick about it!

As for the environmental activists aka wanna be life terrorists?
Grow up, get a job, or go fk. yourselves.

And fer Gawds sake,
Someone drop the bomb on them!


Life’s Journeys

The boss (my wife) was writing a story on this and it intrigued me. So I thought, why not.

Except my life’s journey is a series of journeys and I guess quite a few are the same as me.
It’s very hard when you have many journeys thorough life to write one single story. My childhood journey got interrupted by becoming an adult. Not really a problem but that lead to mistakes, some of which I’d rather forget, until on one of those journeys I ended up with my soon to be ‘keeper’ and later my wife.

We had both lived through many tortuous journeys but came to an understanding soon after meeting each other. Our ‘together’ journey was a new page of the book of journey’s and no reference was made to our past as walking together makes the future and, while the past made us what we were today, that future was yet unwritten.
Thus ‘what was’ didn’t matter and ‘what will be’ was all important to us.

It’s kinda liberating to enter into a partnership where you won’t be judged on past life and although we started up with nothing, we grew together and our journey, although with the occasional pothole or ten, has been rewarding beyond what words can convey.

Where and when will our journey end? Who knows as that’s really in God’s hands, but one thing is certain, somewhere along our present journey ‘we’ became an ‘us’ and I’m really looking forward to what comes next, tomorrow, and many, many, more tomorrows after that.

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The Stench of Betrayal

As simply as possible.
The country is being betrayed after it voted to leave the European Union.
What ‘deal’ is on the table is a disaster for the UK that lets down just about everyone whether or not they wanted Brexit or not! That and land us with a whopping  £140 BILLION bill.

Politically Theresa May is now a dead woman walking.
Her party, the Conservatives (aka Tories), is in total disarray and will be finished while she still remains in power.

It’s highly likely it is finished anyway as the debacle it has allowed to develop was well within their powers to shut down before this stage. That and it’s continued foul treatment of the less fortunate in this country and gradual “phased” destruction of the NHS.

Thus I reckon a snap general election will happen within the next few months that will finish the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom as a country worth a spit.

Is there anything less than the third world?
Well watch this space because we will be attaining that level soon enough as I reckon everyone will be voting for Corbyn the Red of the ULTRA LEFT SOCIALIST PARTY (aka Labour) and simply because the sheeple have had enough of all the lies and treatment from the Tory Party.

So why them? Because there is no one else to vote for!
The joys of living within a two-party political system.

It’s a two-horse race here and something I believe the US suffers from as well.
Anyway both our ponies are well past their glue making date and definitely not suitable for human consumption or even as food for dawgs!

That change in political scene will also mean we cease to be a nuclear power (Corbyn doesn’t like poppers) and I’d better step up my Russian language studies.

As for NATO? I get my wish BUT we will turn into a banana republic ‘doing a Europe’ and letting any swinging dick of dubious origins into our once (but not so much now) green, polite, safe, and pleasant country.

I guess I also won’t be alone in wishing harm on this stupid woman, her sycophantic ministers, let alone the other lowlife in the UK’s political scene.

That and how to solve one other teeny, weeny problem.
We don’t have a ‘Marine’ on call.

Fake News? I don’t think so.

The 100 year commemoration of WW1 in France.
The insult to Americans lost, the outbursts at European leaders, the continued attacks about unilateral support in times of conflict. His attack on Macron that got back a public rebuke about nationalism as opposed to patriotism. This goes on and on but you know about that already I’m thinking.

So I wasn’t surprised to read today that Washington Post journalist Rosalind Helderman had written on Twitter, “In AF1 call, Theresa May tried to flatter Trump with congratulations for GOP wins in the midterms. He responded by berating the British PM so badly it left her and staff shaken.

If she replies I’d be surprised, but a slight of that magnitude is seldom forgiven.
Even by her enemies.
There is however a much more important voice in the world than Trump

‘The fact that America has become unpredictable lately is no secret to anyone,’ a Kremlin spokesman said today during a visit by President Vladimir Putin to Singapore.

‘Such unpredictability from the largest country, the most powerful economy in the world, is the subject of deep global concern,’ he added.

Putin is apparently doing the rounds folks. Making new friends and alliances.

Listen carefully to words softly spoken America.
One should always tread carefully in the presence of the quiet men.

If Trump’s intent is to alienate the US from your allies, he’s going the right way about it. You are running out of friends America and you’re not making new ones as the word spreads that your leadership cannot be trusted.

MAGA. Be careful what you wish for America and how you further that notion.

When one stands alone without friends the transition from world power to leper, with no one willing to support you anymore, could be one badly worded Tweet away.

Reality YouTube or just a comedy of errors?

Watch the video first and try and work out why I was thinking.

  • It was just badly staged “reality TV”.
  • If real it was a disaster waiting to happen
  • An object lesson in how NOT to engage
  • How not to search
  • What not to do when finding an IED,
  • How not to control someone
  • As for bringing civilians into an IED rich environment against a man with a rifle,
    WTF were they thinking !?!

If this was for real, and keeps on going along the same lines, someone is going to get hurt before long and I hope it’s not going to be one of the civilians bearing cameras.

Or maybe that’s what they want.

Vigilante Birmingham

A vigilante mob is patrolling the streets of Birmingham following an upsurge in violent crime. 400 people have joined the community watchdog group ‘We Stand Determined’, which formed three weeks ago on Facebook after losing trust in their local police. That would be the West Midlands police. Well color me surprised!

Can you blame them? I don’t.
Do I agree with it? Sort of but with a cautious tone.
Such groups can swing fast into racially motivated responses to events even with a disciplined leadership. When that does occur (and it surely will in our multicultural wonderland), counter groups will be set up and shortly after its ‘anarchy on the streets‘ time.

Yet there will be the usual bleating from the stupid. That side that opposes everything just because they can. Typically that outcry will be led by our betters, the MP’s in parliament, in order to look all PC and multicultural and religiously tolerant. Incidentally it is the opposition (Well Left of socialism) parties that are trying to stop the police from random stop and searches. Plus a few muppets in the government side of things. Take a wild guess what the ethnic origins of some of them are.

Darn it, will I never learn to stop
telling things as they are!

Plus a few ‘gentle souls’ who still believe that dialing 999 will bring the police out to help.
Not forgetting the hug a terrorist brigade.
That and it’s VERY ‘anti British ideals’, whatever they once were.

The government will also bring pressure on the police to stop it, the media will be told to oppose it, and ‘religious leaders’ will denounce it.

After all everything not a government idea
is automatically labelled Right Wing Extremism.