One Nation, Truly Divided

Amid scenes of rioting throughout the UK between the remainers (including the extreme left, the deluded, non-democratic, and communists) and the Brexiteeers (who want our sovereignty restored), the country “celebrated” the defeat of The Marxist (dark ages) Labour Party led by (but soon to be chucked out) Corbyn The Red.

While I’m NOT happy about any of this, it is interesting to see just how divided this country has become, and nothing says it better than this in my mind.

Two protests, Scotland on the left, England on the right.

The left side remainers holding up signs saying “REFUGEES WELCOME” (bad wording on their part as it should read “Rapefugees, criminals, and the dross that Europe don’t want”) who want to stay in the EU, and the typical communist B.S. of the terrorist loving Corbyn the Red Labour Party, who just want to wreck everything in some sort of old-world ‘destroy capitalism’ philosophy.

Yet one headline summed up my feelings as it printed a Twitter Quote aimed at one of the more FERAL Tory MP’s who were ousted.

The social media user posted a list of pro-Remain MPs who had lost their seats, including Anna Soubry, Sam Gyimah, Phillip Lee, Davi Gauke, Jo Swinson, Chuka Umunna and Dominic Grieve. They said: “This is what happens when you tell 17.4M Leave voters to ‘f**k off’ #GeneralElection.” Another saying “There is a price to be paid for denying democracy to the people, as these chumps now know.”

Talk about “Hell have no fury than a country ‘TORN APART’.
This is also looking like the prelude to even more division.

  • From Scotland who wants independence
    (and for some stupid reason BOJO won’t do that).
  • Ireland because they can
    (Why BOJO won’t just gift Northern Ireland to Eire and let them deal with that terrorist breeding ground escapes me).
  • Wales because of years of bad governance and looking for payback!
    (No comment as they wanted devolved governance from England and got Labour as their leadership)
  • Plus you can almost guarantee a bit more legal action by the immigrant Gina Miller and a handful of other losers who always win their cases in court as the Judiciary that hears their cases is seems openly biased against Brexit and doesn’t seem to want our country to regain its independence.

Methinks this election won’t have united anything and the TORY win (which they now call a clear mandate) will now allow them to FORCE through legislation that will do nothing but inflame the ‘in-country’ divisions even more.

Personally, I still think this country is lost, ‘UNTIED’ and not united at all!
And things are about to get worse.

It’s late, wet, a sick dog, and me.

I never get mad with the dog when she’s ill but why she waits until 4am to start throwing up is a mystery to me. So I let her out and OMG, she threw up all over the garden, poor Luv.

Only it’s raining, a howling gale according to the radio, damn cold, and both of us got soaked!
Back in, hairdryer time for her, SWMBO got up, and now I’m tired out and still a bit damp around the edges BUT at least I made it back to bed!

Only now I’m awake it’s going to take me ages to go back to sleep again.

Stop press! 5 am and I’m up again.
Dog wanting to go out.
Got dressed, walk out, to a police van outside the neighbour’s house.
No wonder the dog got me up again!

First came sick dog, now police.
Is it worth me going to bed again?
Aw come on, 5.25, and now there are TWO police vans!

Sigh. I’m way too old for this shit!

Do you look at labels?

The geniuses of the academic world aka Loughborough University, have come up with the idea that that few people understand the food labelling on foodstuff that is a SIMPLE colour code of:-
RED being really bad.
Yellow, a tiny bit bad, and
Green is good for you.

So they want to label food as how long you would have to walk, swim, or run to burn off what you have just eaten.

Below are ten calorie-dense food and drinks and their activity equivalence.
Walking would be at a medium pace of 3-5mph and running would be at a slow pace of 5mph. Funny how they can’t quantify swimming!

  1. A sugary soft drink (330ml can) containing 138 calories –
    26 minutes of walking and 13 minutes of running.
  2. A standard chocolate bar containing 229 calories –
    42 minutes of walking and 22 minutes of running.
  3. Chicken and bacon sandwich containing 445 calories –
    1hr 22 minutes of walking and 42 minutes of running.
  4. 1/4 of a large pizza containing 449 calories –
    1hr 23 minutes of walking and 43 minutes of running.
  5. Medium mocha coffee containing 290 calories –
    53 minutes of walking and 28 minutes of running.
  6. A packet of crisps containing 171 calories –
    31 minutes of walking and 16 minutes of running.
  7. Dry roasted peanuts (50g) containing 296 calories –
    54 minutes of walking and 28 minutes of running.
  8. Iced cinnamon roll containing 420 calories –
    1hr 17 minutes of walking and 40 minutes of running.
  9. One bowl of cereal containing 172 calories –
    31 minutes of walking and 16 minutes of running.
  10. Blueberry muffin containing 265 calories –
    48 minutes of walking and 25 minutes of running.

So, for the elderly and physically disabled, we’re basically stuffed!
As for them who can’t read? Also Stuffed.
If you can’t swim, WELL STUFFED!

If it’s not broken DON’T FIX IT, MORONS!

Inevitable, But Worrying

While I’m pleased that the communist, terrorist-supporting Labour Party didn’t get into power, I KNOW that the Nasty Party, The Conservatives, are going to use this result to heap even more pain on the little people of the UK.

As for Scotland? I still stand by the notion that it’s best Scotland get their independence. That way England can isolate them, put borders in place, remove free access to England’s banking system, currency, health service, government, and much more importantly welfare.

Which, in theory, will add loads of money to our welfare budget and allow the NHS to be properly funded. Nice thought but that won’t happen.

Still, if Boris Johnson does that, Scotland will sink in months because the other thing they won’t be getting is any money from the EU.

Nasty thinking? No, not really.
They wanted a devolved government and independence so fk.them.

Meanwhile, back on the coal face (closed down by the Conservatives ages ago), I’m now VERY worried about ever getting our pensions. The Health Service will get worse, and taxation will increase. I can also see us ending up as a permanent vassal state of Europe as the botched BREXIT deal, with its myth of full independence, unravels before our eyes.

What I fervently hope is I don’t see is Nigel Farage’s face, EVER AGAIN.
He let the nation, the little people, down for the last time as far as I’m concerned.
The chance of a real change of how we are governed has been lost.
Now I’m waiting to see if he gets his (supposedly) promised peerage.
If he does? The nation will know he was bought off and Farage’s popularity in the UK will rank way less than dogs poo.

So, summing everything up, and only looking at OUR PERSONAL future.
I submit that things just got worse.

Help wanted

Chronic Reflux and having to choose what works and what doesn’t with chronic reflux.
I’ve been scheduled for surgery, no date yet, and I’m trying to get used to eating small, lots of times, but on a range of foodstuff that is sometimes about as appealing as eating cardboard.

For example. Eggs. I can boil, poach, and scramble them.
Except I’m not meant to have bread with them. OR am I?

So far, only a few things are working as advertised:-

  1. Porridge (Fiber, Cereal)
  2. Rice. (Carbohydrate)
    That being a HUGE Yipee because without that basic food group which I was raised on, I reckon a long walk off a short pier would be preferable.
  3. Canned rice pudding. (Carbohydrate and sugars)
  4. There is always my world-famous pan-fried potato cakes. (Carbohydrate)
  5. Chicken, minced beef, pork, all shredded. (Protein)
  6. Canned Tuna fish and cod steaks (Protein)
  7. Low-fat yoghurt, skinned milk and eggs (Dairy, vitamins, and calcium).
  8. Soups, including vegetable stews only nothing with ‘big bits’, garlic or onion. (Vegetables, Carbs, Fiber)
  9. And Dairy-free ice cream (BECAUSE IT’S NICE!)
  10. Plus the handful of pills per day I have to take to keep my coat shiny.

Which now I’ve listed it all doesn’t quite seem so bad.
Still, always willing to learn, hows about a few recipes or suggestions guys and girls.


Gawd I’m sooo old.

We have two posties who push mail into our delivery boxes.
REALLY nice people, one male, and he has a helper, a female, who last year we labelled “Santa’s little helper”.

Today I came across her delivering mail IN DRIVING RAIN halfway through their round. The dog makes a bee-line for her of course (best friend – sort of thing) but as I got closer I saw that she was absolutely soaked through! Still smiling as always but (and this will clearly demonstrate my age) I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her!

In past years I’ve worked with other females (of the green persuasion) and never gave their ‘discomfort’ a second thought. Hell most of them were probably fitter and tougher than me anyway as I was, and still am, into self-preservation i.e. I think about the survival rules of three more than being gun-hoe the whole time. Something that did pay off as I was usually ‘good to go’ on arrival having paced myself and looked after the inner man.

After all, any fool can run with a rifle but, from experience, it’s the one who arrives with breath to spare that can usually put the first rounds on target while the others are still catching their breath.

So, back to Santa’s little helper.
It seems the older I get, the more caring I get, although that’s only towards the little people in life. Thus I found myself thinking “Girls shouldn’t be doing this sort of task in foul weather. After that, it was “O hell! I’ve died and come back as regarding females as best kept barefoot, in front of a stove, and rearing kids!

Now, where did I put the Arnica?
Because after SWMBO reads this, the bruises will be EPIC!