I am not a number!

Instead I’m about to be a bar code.
Barcodes on wristbands will allow patients to be tracked as they move through different hospital departments and wards. Other advances include apps to monitor blood pressure and other vital signs at home – allowing patients to be discharged more quickly.

Assuming you can get treatment in the first place, and
That would be fine if I owned a smart phone, which I don’t.

The newest of government medical experts (Hancock), who took over from the much reviled Jeremy Hunt who ran the NHS into the ground, will say:-

‘The patient safety agenda is important to me and I strongly believe that technology has the power to further enhance safety and improve outcomes for patients.’

OK, lets start with the basics.
To see our local doctor takes 3 weeks if you are lucky.
The usual brush off is a nursing practitioner, take two paracetamol, or dial 999.
To see a consultant takes a 164 mile round trip and 3 months of waiting.

The nearest A&E are ‘plasters and bandages’ units 17 or 19 miles away.
For something approximating to an ER with full facilities, 32 or 42 miles away.
The 32 miles one involves a 12 hour wait before being seen.
For anything remotely major? 82 miles in a different county (state).

And bar-coding me is meant to improve that?



His word is not what it seems


  1. President Donald Trump swiftly invited the Russian leader to the White House this fall for a second get-together.
  2. Clean up from the first continued with no letup Thursday, as Trump belatedly decided Putin’s “incredible offer” of shared U.S.-Russia investigations was no good after all.

So lets look at number one.
As no one has a clue what was agreed in Helsinki, and what was given away by the novice ‘diplomat’ and wannabe world leader.
It’s not going to be much use protesting this visit on the grounds of national security.
After all if he’s already sold the family silver, what’s wrong with the recipient from browsing around the shop for other bargains.

Now number two.
By now it’s got to be obvious that the man is a complete diplomatic nightmare.
His word is not his bond and he’s losing any credibility he had.
Relations with the world have soured and the US’s traditional ‘friends’ are actively seeking new business and co-operative alternatives. That in itself is a huge danger as it further isolates the US. Anyway I can see it reaching a state where the real world leaders will non longer be dishing out invitations for future visits or attempting to make deals of any substance with the US .

Then it dawned on me, that’s the plan!

MAGA in all it’s glory. Reduce America to living within it’s own borders.
No world policing or long drawn out regime changes under the guise of world peace.
As a result there will be a reduction in US military numbers and spending as they will no longer be needed. Imagine the savings to the US as the defence budget gets slashed.

In the end, America will be reduced to just another manufacturing country that churns out over priced goods to a market that has already looked elsewhere for cheaper ‘less volatile’ trading environments.

Which I think will actually please some US citizens as some haven’t a clue, or even care about, what is going on outside of their own township, state, and America as a whole.
An effect of being treated like mushrooms.

Ha, I’ve just had a amusing thought.
The world calls us ‘Little Britain’ and accuses us of isolationism, so MAGA’s may need to be renamed to  ‘Standalone USA’ aka SUSA.

Imagine the worse (or even best) case scenario.
Closed borders, access to the world reduced to state controlled media, (which some think that’s already the case), and some limited government censored Internet access.
With Trump Industries the ‘Big Brother’, one stop, supplier of everything.

And finally?
A measure of the importance of a country is how it conducts business and it’s contact with others. Diplomatically, morally, religiously, ideology, and by it’s trading practices.

It’s rarely about how big and self important it thinks it is militarily, politically, or monetarily.
In the main that sort of nonsense makes enemies, never new friends.

Did he give away the family silver?

The White House was under growing pressure on Thursday to provide a full account of Donald Trump’s private talks earlier this week with Vladimir Putin, as Russian officials spoke of “important verbal agreements” made.

Oh that’s priceless!
You let him go and speak to an enemy state without council present and now everyone who is anyone is in a panic.
More fool are the idiots accompanying him.
Isn’t their job to stop POTUS from generating even more foul ups?
Still with the entire White House staff suffering from ‘no guarantee of job tenure’, is it any wonder if they got a ‘bit’ lax aka they CGAF?

It’s the basics that matter

I reckon I know 1001 different skills and techniques when it comes to frugal living, survival in the field, and tricks in keeping alive.

Yet personal hygiene comes out tops whether you are on the streets, in combat, or as part of your day to day living.
Remember even a simple thing resulting from a lack of personal hygiene, a rash or cut not treated, bad feet, poor water purification, or lax food hygiene, can render the mightiest warrior useless within hours.

But there is something else that can ruin your day.
Bugs, bites, stings, and diseases caught from coming into contact with contaminated material.
A LONG time ago I wrote a piece titled “Why being Shy may kill you”.
It’s all about bugs and the diseases they carry (UK orientated).
Then there was “Brown Stuff” aka human waste.
Have shovel will live?
Probably but not comfortably if you have forgotten the toilet roll and hand wipes.

That and one on Personal Hygiene, your physical and mental condition, and your well-being. It falls into a number of sections including:-

  1. Washing and grooming.
  2. Body observations (cuts, grazes, rashes, and bites)
  3. Mind and body
  4. What’s normal for me?
    Because if you start having to do something different, is an ailment causing that?
  5. Toileting and waste disposal.
    Human, cooking, and other assorted waste.
    Very important if you are drawing water from a nearby source.
    Or within an area with a high insect count

1. Washing.
Except have you actually thought about how you wash and even how frequently?
Common-sense says to be clean is good and for the most part that’s right yet over washing can cause you loads of problems as you wash away the natural oils on your body.
Hang on, I just advocated washing everyday no matter what.
I still do yet the daily shower is now 7-10 days and as for a bath?
Washing in a creek is fun only what if the water was contaminated?

So that would make me a dirty sod wouldn’t it?
Nope, I’m clean and reasonably presentable most of the time.
I don’t stink, and have no “little rashes”.
Yet I wash daily as does the boss aka SWMBO.
However we don’t use deodorants, or talc, or anything even remotely smelly except the fragrance from the shower gel or soap.

Shower gel with non showers?
Yep, because you can use that stuff to wash your  hair as well as you.

Hows about teeth.
Scrubbed twice a day BUT what if you can’t find toothpaste?
Bicarbonate of soda is what I use then and don’t forget to floss.
Another alternative is common SALT. Only rinse don’t swallow.
That also has an antiseptic effect on the mouth and tongue.

2. Body Observations.
Another issue about personal hygiene is bugs.
An early article called Why being Shy may kill you where it talked about the need to establish a buddy system so as to spot attached ticks, leeches even let alone signs that you have been bitten and something then fell off.
I again can’t stress enough about the dangers of becoming nonchalant about insect bites ESPECIALLY as they can be carriers for a host of survival unfriendly illnesses.

3 Grooming aka personal appearance.
Keeping you hair neatly trimmed and combed / brushed, shaved or well-trimmed beards, nails cut correctly, clothing clean, shoes clean, you know, presentable.

Why on earth worry about that in a crisis.
To feel clean, rested , and presentable means you have to work at it.
Funny enough you get used to the routine and that routine on the streets is good for the mind as well as your body for four reasons.

  1. Authorities are more likely to respect a well-groomed person.
    Acting bold, strong, incisive, aware, trained, and used to dealing with authority and not scared of it, all affects the manner “professionals and quasi / para military will handle you.
  2. Others will listen to you too. It’s a visual thing.
    Clean, groomed, and your manner almost demands respect.
    Giving orders to untrained scared people is often easier for a person in uniform or one who appears to be all together in dress and manner.
  3. Living on the streets, or dispossessed?
    You’ve really only got four choices to live on the streets.
    Work, beg, steal, or sex.
    Charity just prolongs the agony unless you are REALLY lucky.
    You need money. It’s as simple as that!
    Bitter experience has shown me that casual work always going to them who are well-groomed and talk intelligently.
    Tough times was written from experience and not one zombie was seen in the whole time (if you don’t include the police, addicts, and PTSD sufferers).
  4. Regarding grooming and safety.
    A presentable person doesn’t get so many kickings or as much harassment from the police.
    You’ll also be handled better by the charity workers and any social workers.
    Add to that when aid is handed out it’ll be the nice , clean, presentable person who gets the smiles (and often the best pickings), you’ll thank me in the end.
  5.  What’s normal for me?
    Get cast out from your normal life by circumstance or design and it will affect your physical well-being, mental state, and cognitive abilities.
    Your weight will change as your diet does. Your skin will change as your washing habits change, all manner of things will “warp” until you adapt to your new life style.

So what’s the parameters I’m looking for:-
Weight. As diet changes your weight changes. Your muscle mass changes as your diet and the increase (or decrease) in your physical activity takes effect that could lead to your clothing no longer fitting.

Hair and nail condition and the eyes are REALLY important to monitor.
Both hair and nails are super sensitive to nourishment.
They go bad, splitting, cracking, falling out even, lack luster, pale, and you’re lacking something really important in your diet.
Eyes, the windows to the soul.
A quaint expression but if they start to look “haunted”, red, pale, watery, dry, tired, they often reflect very precisely what is going on within.

It is also a good idea if you take your vital signs at the same time everyday.
Heart rate, temperature, and if you can blood pressure.
Diabetes suffers will know all about taking regular readings and if you think about it, a glucose check for you won’t go amiss either.

5. Toilet habits.
How many SWMBO’s won’t pee behind a bush let alone take a dump!
It’s not limited to them though, kids, animals and men are all routine based animals and if you start monkeying round with that routine is has a direct effect on your body clock and what you “produce”.

Then there is the actual material.
Too loose, too hard, loads of it, not enough, color change, blood, worms.

What about urine.
Color, burning, none, too much. Clear is good, green is VERY BAD.

Breath smell and to a lesser extent body odour.
I could write a book about this and many others have.
Here is a short list of what I’m on about.
Diabetes. A Sugary smell (think Sugar puffs)
Constipation. in short, a shit smell.
Excessive meat eaters. Smells like sulfur.
Excessive Fruit eaters. Yeasty if not bread smell.
Booze. An obvious one yet would you trust a person who stank of booze to stay awake let alone carry a weapon?

And finally:-
Dying. A smell of slowly decomposing flesh and decay.
Once you have smelt it for the first time, you’ll never forget it.

Note :-
In the field your sense of smell is vital to you.
It’s much more powerful than eyesight and hearing.
As for owning a dog? Their sense of smell is in magnitudes greater than yours.

There is another matter, it’s called NOW WASH YOUR HANDS AND BITS.
Go for a whiz, wash, a dump, wash, before scratching yourself, wash.
Food and drink, wash before and after.
It takes only a few bacteria or virus on your hands and you can get ill.
It also helps to keep your base layer clean or (to be crude) washing prevents skid marks.

So is that it?
In it’s most basic form yes and it’s no different to your daily regime (I hope), just working within an austere or hostile environment. The complication comes in a CBRN scenario.

  • Chemical.
    From industrial accident or even products of fire to chemical warfare (VX and novichok)
  • Biological
    From the common cold, norwork, or a genetically modified military grade pandemics.
  • Radiological
    From dirty bombs to full on nukes BUT don’t forget those industrial accidents.
  • Nuclear.
    From Boom to a reactor melting down (Chernobyl and Fukushima)

If you survive, personal hygiene can aid you survive the after effects of a reduced capacity immune system, to cross contamination from others.

On the ropes but won’t quit

EUROPEAN Union bosses have told member states to ramp up their preparations for a no deal Brexit in a 15-page document. Sound like it’s crunch time to you?

And lookie here, Theresa May has had another letter of no confidence submitted against her. It’s not been confirmed but the word “forties” is cropping up again and again when talking about the number of letters.
The trigger point is 48 and that’s when she faces her accusers as she’s too stupid to quit and probably thinks being FIRED is better!

Anyway shortly thereafter that meeting I’m pretty confident the lynching (unfortunately political) will occur.

Not like I’m wishing anything like that to happen. (Snigger).

UK’s poodle barks

In parliament Boris Johnson attacked Theresa May for her ‘dithering’ Brexit strategy.
She decided to stay at home, unwilling to face off against an opponent (just like Trump does), probably furiously stabbing an effigy of him.

Now I don’t like, trust, or want him to take over from Theresa May.
Instead I would like to see May stomped by a rogue elephant or taken away by aliens.
There again it may be more realistic to hope she sucks on a bullet.
Her replacement someone like Farage.

BREXIT, as demanded by the majority, is in mortal danger and he’s quite right about that.
The people’s votes, wishes, and voices ignored.
DESTROYED by an inept, old
crone, masquerading as a politician.

THE OTHER GUTLESS TORY MP’s preferring to kowtow to Theresa May.

There will be a reckoning when the next election looms no matter what happens.
People will remember their betrayal.

POTUS flips again

Donald Trump sought to partially reverse course on Tuesday in the face of furious, bipartisan criticism of his public undermining of US intelligence agencies in Helsinki.

He saying that he had simply misspoken.
Makes a change from the usual “Fake news rant” I suppose.
There again he did say that those criticizing his press conference with Putin were suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Deranged? That cap looks nicer on you mate.

Anyway reversal of comment or policy after the event seems to be a common feature of Trump. He sucking up to another leadership when face to face.
Or is that called a ‘Bromance’ in the media nowadays.

Then, once safe on Air Force One, he launches into a Twitter attack or waits until he is back in the Oval office, where he goes all postal and attacks everyone with his tariffs or sanctions.

Unable to attack someone unless they are a woman? (May, Merkel)
Derides what he sees as weakness in a person (Trudeau).
Uses Twitter as opposed to going head to head?

Some are beginning to wonder about the quality and fortitude of the substance behind the rhetoric.