Must remember that for next time.

A ‘get out of hospital quick’ trick!

First, thanks friends for your kind words.

Anyway, I finally got to write a post about being stuck in hospital.
Not a lot of detail because there was no ‘end date’.
Besides, what’s the good in writing a novel without an ending?

Then, as I hit “Publish” on my little post, up pops one of the medical team.
“What you doing?” he asks all friendly like.
So I showed him the post. He smiles and says, “I’ll see what I can do”.
Which also could have been the result of me asking him 3 times a day if I can go home.

Next day, it was all done and dusted.
More tests to follow, TBN dates, and here I am sipping my cappuccino in the hospital restaurant waiting for the boss (SWMBO) to pick me up.

My next task is to spin this lovely huge mug of cappuccino out for an hour (ish).
NOPE, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, (the hour bit I mean).
It slipped down my caffeine starved throat in a little over five minutes.

Now comes the fun bit.
The reason why I’m here, wrong drugs, WAY too strong anyway, and a HUGE gap in the records for reviewing my treatment. (According to one of the medical professionals looking after me).

Thus I have tied up a medium dependence cardiac medical bed (and there are precious few of them) because my P.Poor NHS doctor failed (again).
The same one that told my nursing practitioner that there was nothing to worry about and 72 hours later here I sit.

A case for medical negligence?
Now that might have depended on whether the GP (doctor) had the cohones to face me.  BUT, seeing as though the government is also about to reduce our income to a trickle, (and I was quietly passed the name of a good, solid, no nonsense, no win, no fee, medical negligence claims firm, by yet another ‘medical professional’). I just might do that anyway. 


Short break

You get a break from my scribbles.
Stick in a hospital bed since 19th.

Ho hum, if anyone young (under 40) is reading this,
Live fast, live hard, enjoy every second, because after a while bits fail!

Many moons ago

When I had hair!

I used to target shoot at Bisley on the long ranges, 900 and 1000 yards.
No telescopic sights then. Vernier iron sights as a ‘bolt on goodie’ on the venerable .303 Enfield #4 were in common use. Only my ‘borrowed’ weapon was the forces 7.62mm variant aka L42A1 issue which I used for services shooting, and that too had vernier sights.

While I was just happy to put all ten rounds SOMEWHERE on the target at those ranges, my mentor at that time had a dreamy wish.

He wanted to put all 10 rounds into the centre (the V Bull) of a 1000 yard target with his #4 Enfield. Scoring the magical 101 out of 100!
To give you an idea of how big a feat that is, the X mark (V Bull worth 10.1) on the targets we used was only 5 inches in diameter.

He’d got close on a number of times but never quite perfect.

Well he’s done just that.
Thing is he was ‘old’ when I knew him, so today he must be in his nineties.
Thus it’s taken him over 35 years and about a dozen barrels I’d guess!

Which brings me to:-
Congratulations ‘Brian T’ aka Shaky
(He’ll probably murder me for that one and hasn’t replied to my email)

And something that I wrote on the sidebar of my blog.
Disabled don’t mean incapable
To prove that, you run,
And I’ll try to shoot you.
I’ve no idea if he is disabled now but as he is in his nineties (and still shoots most weeks), he might just qualify as ‘mildly unfit for active service’.

So, out to 500 yards you ain’t too safe from me.
Out to 1000 yards, “Shaky” awaits you!

Meanwhile, them modern weapons.
What’s the current record in combat, 3.5 km plus change I think?
That’s just dandy and a credit to modern trigger fingers, CNC engineering, and 50 cal ammo.

However the Enfield #4 is not to be sneered at.
So my thought is:-
Could today’s military trigger shoot as well over 500 yards (that pencils in at a group of 2½ inches) using yesteryears technology and .303  ammunition, iron sights, and NO GLASS? Two point slings permitted, no rests.
Might be interesting to try that (if it hasn’t been done before).

If it has been done, please drop me the link, site, blog or whatever.

A quitter threatens to quit.

Rory Stewart, one of the gang trying to get the PM’s job, is going to leave his cabinet position (giving our money away) if BOJO wins the PM’s job.

Good. The last thing BOJO needs is a load of quitters around him.
Only the media has found he was a Labour party member once, and quit, to join the Tory (Conservative) party. That and a TV program cornered him about being a Remain then suddenly changing to a Leaver as soon as the result was in.

Track record as a quitter?
Flips sides to keep his job?
If he doesn’t leave BOJO, fire him.
I would.

So this is proof enough to go to war?


  • U.S. military says pictures show an Iranian Revolutionary Guards armed fast patrol vessel alongside the M/T Kokuku Courageous removing an unexploded limpet mine after another one went off on the other side
  •  ‘Iran is responsible for the attack based on video evidence and the resources and proficiency needed to quickly remove the unexploded limpet mine,’ Central Command said in a statement.

Aw come on.
A mine goes off, the patrol craft sees it going off, and removes another one quickly (as it might go off) on the other side and that is definitive proof “THE IRANIANS DID IT!”

I don’t think so.

So exactly where and when were the mines planted?
Was it before or after the patrol boats, unseen by the crew, sneaked in and stuck them on both sides of the hull? Then I guess they removed a dud device, under the gaze of a helicopter, just in case it proved something?

As for the ‘and the resources and proficiency needed to quickly remove the unexploded limpet mine?’

As you haven’t a clue what type of device was used, or if it had an anti tamper device fitted. Could a simple crowbar be all they needed and working really fast to prevent themselves being blown apart by a slow timer? As for leaving the base behind, it seems they weren’t too worried about forensics.

Then there is that hand print?
A boat goes alongside a ship and a sailor puts his hand on the hull while others detach a device. AND THAT is definitive proof, THE IRANIANS DUN IT!

To go to war is going to need something WAY MORE SUBSTANTIAL than that.
Probably the discovery of WMD’s ? ?
The US have had a little experience in “proving that” I believe.

Vehicle fire jams up motorway

So, let’s get this right. A car, in a pull off was burning.
And that (because the police got involved) caused a 5 mile tailback? I’ve seen cautious before but what’s going through my mind is “WTF was all the fuss about!” One car, and a ½ hour to drive past it.

The car owner would have made a mint by charging for a photo opportunity.
Anyway I hope he was taxed, MOT’d, and insured, the police crush cars that aren’t to teach the owners an expensive lesson.

Only in this case that might not be totally necessary.
Ho hum, all part of making the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom a safer place.