Not content with a fence type wall.

Mr Trump announcing on Thursday the US planned to create a brand new “space-based” missile defense system. 

If I was to name a Star Wars character
That would fit Trump’s personality?

Jabba the Hutt

Sigh. Time to wake up and start smelling them roses.
Nowadays the US is always playing ‘catch up’ as they have lost the lead in so many ways regarding military technology.

As to thinking Star Wars and satellites?
The Chinese and Russians have already proven their satellite killer’s abilities.
Still it’ll give them more to shoot at.

Only that’s space, lower down both Russia and China have Hyper-sonic weapons which the US has NO answer.

Lower still and at least the US SAM systems rule!
Thing is, why is everyone buying Russian?

Lower down and all things aircraft is going to be defeated with the F35.
On paper maybe except the Typhoon and ‘lesser’, older aircraft are beating it in a dog fight every time. As for thinking it can beat the Sukhoi top three? From a distance maybe, but up close and personal? We shall see. After all the F35 can only carry 4 missiles within and every time they deploy them bang goes their stealth.

Even lower, ground level stuff.
No bangs this time. When it come to IT or financial systems, let alone critical infrastructure, the US is an open book according to a lot of expert opinion and global hacking events are multiplying. Once the nations electricity systems are shut down, so is everything else (Including Twitter), so that has to be a priority.

Underground (sort 0f) and I’m thinking the mass immigration issue.
Them terrorist women, children, and babies that are invading the country.
Another election promise he has to fulfill.

So, what will Trump choose. Down to earth important stuff or Star Wars.


Trying to look ‘Hard’.

Nowadays a cream puff looks more aggressive than I do and visually there is no tactical kit look about me. No backpack. At most only an old beaten out army surplus gas mask bag.

The best survival option is to let life walk past you, not noticed, part of the background, not worth a second glance, and even of someone did look at you, they would rate you as no threat or simply not worth the trouble.

After that the secret is to be ready without that being apparent.
To switch into competent aggression, a controlled effective response, something unexpected from a nobody, a nothing, a shadow, and too fast to counter effectively.

Is the grey man Persona ringing any bells?
If you think and live as a Grey Man, and adapt accordingly to where you are, in manner, clothing, and knowledge, the last thing you’ll be doing is wearing tactical clothing, anything new, high-tech, or using too modern equipment, as all it does is draw attention to yourself. As I learned years ago, it’s just rich pickings exhibited by a fool.

Historically, my time on the streets was influenced by a young girl called Megan who taught me how to blend in AND, more importantly, when it is better NOT TO BLEND IN. Adopting a confident persona, the ‘I’m not a victim so don’t mess with me’.

Years later I met my keeper, SWMBO!
She taught me to interact with people in a controlled way on slightly better terms than a ‘grunt’ and a rare nod. Knowledge she learned from years of interacting with the worst kind of people in the world, the general public. That has helped me to evolve and enhance my grey man persona, a new aspect that I would not have thought possible, an ‘outwardly friendly’ grey man.

It’s an interesting concept.
To be known, accepted, but not portraying a victim or, and even more importantly, any level of leadership material. Why? Because you don’t need people to look to you for help when danger is near.

Training will pick up on that. That involuntary glance in your direction, a look of ‘help me’. Something which may promote you from ‘victim’ to threat.

A threat to an enemy is anyone who would stand up to them or for others.
Someone who could organize resistance and that can be wide ranging.
Like a preacher, someone ‘well thought of’ or respected, any professional person, or anyone with military experience.

So how are ‘we’ doing this.
The first thing is to be known on a casual level.
Not as a giver or a taker, just someone who is known but offering little in clues about who we are. Some would argue that we are deliberately exposing ourselves and ‘standing out’ from the crowd. Funny bit about it is now people just accept us. No one is surprised to see us, we are just part of the background of everyday life, and considered harmless.

That’s the other side of the Grey Man people often ignore.
I simply call it ‘Open Camouflage’.

JIC, Just In Case

Caution, Long Article

What does that mean to you?
To me I define it as having THE BASICS TO HAND in the event there is a need.
Only to hand means “On you”, not back at home, in a foot locker, a trunk of a car, or whatever.

The basics. For what exactly? Does it matter? If it does then think about:-

  1. Shelter. Ingress, Security, Sealing, and Heat.
  2. Fire. Tinder, Kindling, Fuel, Ignition Sources, CO
  3. Climate Dangers, Injury Prevention, Self Treatment
  4. Water. Retrieve, Filter, Sterilize, Storage, Hydration
  5. Cooking. Water, Heat, Hygiene, Utensils, Cleaning
  6. Foraging. Security, Ingress, Security, Collection, Carry, Exit
  7. First Aid. Airways, Breathing, Circulation, Personal Meds.
  8. PPE. Face mask, Eye Protect, Gloves, IF loud Ear plugs, Cape
  9. Hygiene. Toilet, Personal, Waste.
  10. Sleep. Security, Insects, Ground Mat, Hammock, Bag
  11. Communications. Visual, Sound, Radio, Signs
  12. Transport. Ingress, Power, Fuel.
  13. Money. Paper, Coin, Cards, Barter
  14. Identity. Photo ID, Proof of Address, Welfare, Doctors
  15. Weapons. Covert, Overt, Ammunition, Maintenance

By now all that will be playing with your mind. How can you keep the tools, let alone the wisdom, to cover all these subjects (and a really slack handful of others I haven’t listed)?

Flash News On Knowledge.

No matter how clever or experienced you think you are.
You ain’t going to remember everything about everything.
That doesn’t mean give up on learning, far from it BUT, concentrate like mad on the basics. The things that will keep you going for a while.

Where possible think up acronyms and make up simple guides in a small notebook.

Use the rule of threes to guide you.
3 Seconds without adequate cover if faced with Harm
3 Minutes without good air, a heartbeat, or massive blood loss.
3 Hours without shelter and adequate climate control.
3 Days without clean water, personal medications, and SLEEP.
3 Weeks (continuous weeks) without food.

Basic Priorities

  1. Shelter First
  2. Fire (Climate Ctrl)
  3. Water
  4. ! Get some Sleep!

Making Fire

  1. Ignition Devices
  2. Fuels
  3. Lots of heat
  4. Plenty of Oxygen
  5. ! Beware of CO and smoke!

Heat control

  1. Keep Clean
  2. Add or discard layers
  3. To keep warm or stop overheating
  4. ! Keep Dry, NO sweat

Wind Values

Immediate Actions.

  • Get Under Cover
  • Gas, Dust, Not sure?
    Face Mask.
  • Attend to injuries
  • Full PPE
  • If safe to move, exit hot zone ASAP

  • (6) level teaspn Sugar
  • (1/2) level teaspn of Salt.
  • One Liter of clean drinking or cooled boiled water
  • 5 cupfuls (each cup about 200 ml.) evenly spaced over 2½ hours

Urine Color Checker

Angle Shooting
(Real Range)

Angle Clock @100m
Vertical 12 / 6 0m
± 60 1 / 5 50m
± 45 45 º 71m
± 30 2 / 4 87m
Flat 3 100 m

Water Purification Iodine (Caution Allergies) per liter

Iodine Topical Solution 2% 8 drops
Iodine Tincture 2% 8 drops
Lugol’s Solution 5% 4 drops
Povidone aka Betadine) 10% 4 drops
Tetraglycine hydroperiodide
(Potable Aqua)
8 mg 1 tablet

Back to Kit

First off I don’t carry bedding or cooking materials.
My priority is gaining shelter, PPE, first aid, and getting home.

You must protect yourself from unseen dangers (Contaminants).
Personal Protection Kit (PPE) is essential.
Face Mask, Eye Protection, Ear Plugs, IFAK , Disposable hooded rain Cape,
Nitrile and work Gloves, Gaffer tape (Clothes repair, etc.)

To enter somewhere you may need tools.
A quality Multi-tool, Glass breaker, A Small Pry Bar.
Dumpy Screwdriver and security bits.
Mica or stiff plastic sheet, I meter coiled Stiff Wire
Thin para-cord or Nylon Twine, fishing ‘triple’ hooks.
100 cm zip ties and a Pair of FLAT boot laces.
Got room? Add a Folding Garden (Pruning) Saw.
Note: Sharpen the tip to a point. Use to drill through a door to aid cutting.

Night Time?
LED key ring torches, ‘AA’ celled Cree LED Torch
Spare set AA Batteries.
Glow Sticks “Cyalume” (Caution single use only),
Tea Candles, lighters.
Glow in the dark or Hi-Vis stickers.

1 liter water in sport bottle. (The single heaviest item.)
A few Heavy duty zip lock bags*
(*Multi-use, hydration, cooking, and first aid)
Water treatment tabs, a basic filter bag.

Fire Starting.
Ferrocerium (Fire Steel) plus striker
Disposable lighters
(Multi-use. Fire and First Aid)
Tire Strips 100mm x 10mm
Vaseline:- Cotton Balls and a lip sized tin.
Fine Steel Wool
Stay Alight Candles

Identity / Cash / Comms.
Photo ID, Driving License – ID Cards
All the rest on a read only memory stick as PDF and JPG.
Scanned Proof of Address, Welfare or Tax letter
National Ins / Medical / and other Numbers.
Contact names and addresses.
£10 in notes, £5 in mixed silver coin.
Mobile phone, spare pair of glasses

IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
This does not have to be expansive but it will make up the biggest part of your kit.
Think about your own protection FIRST!
Always don gloves before touching anybody including yourself.
Nitrile Gloves. They roll up small, pack loads!
No water (alcohol) hand sanitizer*.
(*Multi-use, dressings and fire starting)

ABC’s of First Aid
Airway  I don’t carry anything to bypass a blocked airway.
Breathing (Personal Protection Device, Resus Aid)
Circulation (Bleeding). Large field dressings x3.
Learn how to improvise a tourniquet.
Assorted low allergy water proof plasters
Low allergy sticking tape (Micropore type)
12 inch square thick plastic bag (Multi-use)
Small roll of  cling film

Notepad and Biro type pens.
Basic first aid notes.
Watch (no strap)

Drugs. (Personal Use Only)
Personal Medication for 28 days
Broad Spectrum Antibiotic, 5 days worth.
Chewable Paracetamol tabs 500 mg.
Chewable Aspirin 300mg Tablets (Caution NSAID)
Chewable  Anti-Diarrhea tabs
Chocolate Bar / Glucose Tablets.
ORT sachet and Electrolytes
Salt Tabs.
Sterile Water sachets.

EMT Tools:-
Trauma shears, tweezers, sewing needles,
Small magnifying glass, Thermometer,
Tampons, Artery forceps, Disposable scalpel.

Self Defense

Each to your own here. I prefer COVERT, ambush type over OVERT.
That’s blades, AND a small side arm, including tucking a scalpel blade under the lining of each shoe. Plus my walking Stick. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a wooden walking stick!

Want to make yourself sniper bait or upset a stressed out LEO?
Then open carry around town in an emergency.
If you are licensed for CCW, Remember this.
A trained eye can tell if you are packing by your Gait.

Plus one unusual one, a handcuff key.
Why? Because LEO’s / Security sometimes get it wrong.

Finally how big a bag and weigh?
Mine can fit into a beaten out gas mask case and weighs 1.8kg 4lbs.
Too heavy? Probably but my priority is gaining access not lightness.
That and water IS HEAVY!

I hate being right as it costs me money

For a while I noticed a change in pitch, or call it guts, as the starter motor cranked the engine. So I was thinking “Battery” and checked the connections to everything seeing as though the car is only 4½ years old. All tight, corrosion free, got to be the battery.
A quick check on the battery voltage and it read :- 12.4 volts.
That’s not good seeing as though we’d just been for a daylight ride and had nothing ancillary on.
So I looked up the chart (I was never was a  memory man) and found:-

Not bad, not great, so I thought I’ve got a little time before anything drastic happens so I’ll just carry on.

Only the car heard me think that.

Last night, and it’s colder than it has been recently and churn, churn, churn, pause, (repeated a lot),  and finally the solenoid on the starter motor didn’t even engage. Sigh.
I’d forgotten the golden rule of batteries.
Just because you’ve got the voltage doesn’t mean you’ve got the amps (Power)!
So, rocking the car a bit to wake the gear box up and free the clutch, and after a 5 minute time out for the battery to recover its breath, the car reluctantly groaned into life.
Thus I got to take SWMBO out to her match night and collect her later.
And off to bed we go.

This morning. Battery volts was 12.4 again. Groan.
I was expecting at least 12.5 maybe 12.6, but no.
Done deal. I knew the car mechanics and electrics was alright, thus a new battery was called for.
No messing about as winter might, may, soon to be, sort of, going to, kinda, maybe, hit within the next couple of days, weeks, months, this year, and when freezing you can lose 50% of your cranking power even with a good battery.

On the phone I go and there you go 2nd call, price about the same.
£7o inclusive of VAT (sales tax) fitted.

OUCH! the last car one we changed was only £48 inc Tax and our marine batteries with their massive 320 AH capacity were only £70.
Rip off UK or what!
Then it gets even worse.
If you TAKE OFF THE SALES TAX, that price drops substantially to £56.
Moan, moan, winge, winge, Hate government!

Bottom line?
The new battery was slotted in, and the car started like it had a pair again.
Reset clock, and start saving for a new battery in 4-5 years time.

I’ve had it with the UK minority and politicians

The Brexit vote happened tonight as advertised and PM Theresa May’s Deal of the Century was not unsurprisingly defeated by 432 votes to 202. It was a crap deal that would not have done what I voted for, DUMPING THE European Union for good!

Except there is the matter of what comes next and to that end the media have been interviewing every waste of space on legs who has an ‘opinion’, deadbeat politicians, business leaders, civil servants, duck billed platypus, plus a constant procession of tossers (whoops) the deluded, weak, and assorted political party activists. Not forgetting the non democratic aholes (whoops) remainers still calling for YET ANOTHER REFERENDUM.

Thus I have just developed an overwhelming desire
To find a modern day Guy Fawkes to
Flatten The Houses of Parliament! What, too much?
Just wait until the country turns on itself.
No, Sod waiting. Let the fun begin!

Why people loath Trump

Many, many reasons, each bigger than ever before.
Build the wall, no a fence is better, Mexico will pay, or maybe not.
Screw the world and 800,000 plus government employees.

However I was watching a YouTube clip about a Trump supporter goading an employee to the point where the employee lost it. To me this personified one of the personality types of person who supports the MITOO.

If it is true the employee lost his job, I feel for him.
However the reason why for me is down to the MAGA twerp.
Not that it will worry him in the slightest.
Which is probably also what his “God” would think.